On the Blog – October 2018

Summaries and links to blog posts for October 2018

  • Hurricane Michael Aftermath – Get Close – Day 31 of Handmade (10/31)
    Sometimes you have to get close. We’re getting up close and personal with Hurricane Michael this week. Panama City is now more than a vacation spot to us.
  • Hear A Different Voice – Day 30 of Handmade (10/30)
    Listen for a different voice. We weren’t speaking the same language. But we found a way to communicate.
  • Books I Recommend to Bring Us Together – Day 29 of Handmade (10/29)
    Books bring us together with people we would never meet otherwise. Here are four books I recommend from what I finished this month.
  • Begin with Worship – Day 28 of Handmade (10/28)
    How would you describe worship? It’s a perfect way to start a day, a week, a life.
  • See the Whole Picture – Day 27 of Handmade (10/27)
    It helps to see the whole picture. I don’t like mopping the floor. But when I think of my grandbaby crawling on it, it’s much easier to do.
  • When It’s Not Your First Time – Day 26 of Handmade (10/26)
    There’s a first time for everything. While we can never repeat a first ourselves, we can enjoy a first with someone else.
  • How Does He Capture You? – Day 25 of Handmade (10/25)
    Is it safe to put all our eggs in one basket, if the Lord is holding the basket?
  • You Know Enough Already – Day 24 of Handmade (10/24)
    Sometimes we think we have to know everything before we can do something. But as believers, it’s more about who we belong to than how much we know.
  • Uncommon Things at Church – Day 23 of Handmade (10/23)
    This homeless man was going to prove it wasn’t just another day at church. Uncommon things happen when we wake up.
  • Take the Shortcut? – Day 22 of Handmade (10/22)
    Sometimes shortcuts give us the help we need. But other times? They rob us of time with God.
  • Just Start – Day 21 of Handmade (10/21)
    Sometimes we fail to start because we can’t imagine finishing. But start anyway. Take one step today.
  • Do You Like an Audience? – Day 20 of Handmade (10/20)
    Some people crave an audience. Others of us avoid the limelight. Which are you?
  • When Did You Convert – Day 19 of Handmade (10/19)
    When we turn around and head a different direction, we’ve experienced conversion. God continues to bring us times of conversion. These are no less real than our initial conversions.
  • Call Off the Search – Day 18 of Handmade (10/18)
    We look and look. But what if we already have it? Call off the search.
  • Worship in the Pause – Day 17 of Handmade (10/17)
    Just sit still in the pause. It may birth the most radical worship you can offer.
  • Pray to Do More Than Pray – Day 16 of Handmade (10/16)
    We often pray for people. But what if God wants to use us as an answer? We pray we’ll do more than pray.
  • When You Get Your Grace – Day 15 of Handmade (10/15)
    When will you receive a fresh supply of grace? Always today.
  • When You’re Afraid to Ask – Day 14 of Handmade (10/14)
    Why don’t you ask God for more? You don’t have to know how or when or who he’ll use to answer.
  • Call or Text? What’s the Best Way to Talk? – Day 13 of Handmade (10/13)
    Text or call? How do you decide what mode of communication to use in each situation?
  • Which Side Are You On? The Great Divide – Day 12 of Handmade (10/12)
    By just one question, we classify people as right or left. What if we asked a different question instead, to heal instead of divide?
  • Oil the Hinges – Day 11 of Handmade (10/11)
    Doors are made to both open and close. Are your hinges oiled?
  • How Do You Worship? – Day 10 of Handmade (10/10)
    Often we know what and why we do what we do. But how to do it? That can vary. How do you worship?
  • Breathe in the Inspiration – Day 9 of Handmade (10/9)
    When days are dark, what or who inspires you to keep going? What is God inspiring you to do in this season?
  • Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – Day 8 of Handmade (10/8)
    Comfort zones feel safe. But not much growth happens there. What comfort zone is God calling you out of?
  • This Is Why It’s Safe to Hope – Day 7 of Handmade (10/7)
    Sometimes we’re fearful to get our hopes up. But it’s safe to. Because God is already in our tomorrows.
  • Do You Belong at Church? – Day 6 of Handmade (10/6)
    Where do you go to church? Do you belong there?
  • What Do You Need to Let Go Of? – Day 5 of Handmade (10/5)
    What do you need to let go of? Sometimes we have to let go of one thing before we can receive another.
  • Why, Why, Why – Day 4 of Handmade (10/4)
    We never know as much as we think we do. So keep asking why, why, why.
  • Who Do You Believe? – Day 3 of Handmade (10/3)
    What do you believe in? Who do you believe? Join me for “Handmade – Finding God in Your Story”
  • 5 Links, Books, and Things I Love – October 2018 (10/2)
    Links and pictures of articles, books, and things I love for October 2018
  • What Scares You? Day 2 – Handmade (10/2)
    What are you afraid of? Which fear do you wish God would take away?
  • Where Is God in Your Story? Handmade – A #Write31Days Series (10/1)
    Where has God been in your story? Answer 3 questions for 31 days to find God in your handmade story.


One thought on “On the Blog – October 2018

  1. floyd samons

    Congrats on a super busy month for you. I know it’s what you love, but it’s a ton of work.

    I guess the one that hit me the most, because of the lives involved, was your last one helping serve where you usually go to relax.

    Actions always speak louder than words.

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