A Book a Day – Recommendations of 28 Nonfiction Favorites

Looking for a new nonfiction book to read?

Each day of February 2023 I’m recommending one book a day from favorite nonfiction books I’ve read recently.

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Day 1: The Anthropocene Reviewed
How would you rate everyday items in your life? The Anthropocene Reviewed is an extraordinary book of short essays on ordinary topics.

Day 2: The Sleep Solution
Try not to make your sleep struggles too big of a deal. This book helps: The Sleep Solution.

Day 3: Do the Work
You think it’s hard to talk about racism? It’s much harder to experience racism. Do the work of anti-racism.

Day 4: Bittersweet
We’re built to live simultaneously in love and loss, bitter and sweet,” says Susan Cain in her book, Bittersweet.

Day 5: Tomorrow Will Be Different 
We often fear what we don’t know or haven’t seen. See Sarah McBride in her book, Tomorrow Will Be Different.

Day 6: Atlas of the Heart
Recognize them, label them, and then your feelings can help you navigate life. Read about it in Brené Brown’s beautiful book, Atlas of the Heart.

Day 7: Curveball 
Our job is to stay awake to what our experiences are telling us about this better God and to make adjustments when necessary.” – Pete Enns, Curveball 

Day 8: The Dance of Connection
Here are four pieces of wise relationship advice from Harriet Lerner in The Dance of Connection.

Day 9: Talking to Crazy
All of us become impossible at times. But when you’re the sane one, use these 12 statements to help restore rationality to a difficult conversation.

Day 10: Someday Is Today
Reading books that contain unique, helpful information on managing time is a great use of your time. See tips here from Matthew Dicks’ book, Someday Is Today.

Day 11: The Light We Carry
After reading The Light We Carry, you’ll want Michelle Obama in your group of best friends. Read her new excellent memoir.

Day 12: God Can’t
What would you list as things God can do and God can’t do? Read the perspective of Thomas Jay Oord in his book, God Can’t.

Day 13: How to Keep House While Drowning
If you don’t keep a clean house, are you a bad person? No. Read more in How to Keep House While Drowning.

Day 14: The Lives We Actually Have
If you need words to ask a blessing over your imperfect day or to offer a friend, read Kate Bowler’s newest book, The Lives We Actually Have.

Day 15: No Time Like the Present
How can you free yourself from the tyranny of time? Become interested in the present. So says Jack Kornfield in No Time Like the Present.

Day 16: Bright-Sided
Can you think TOO positively? Yes. Read Bright-Sided by Barbara Ehrenreich.

Day 17: The Book of Joy
Want more joy in your life? You’ll find deep wisdom in The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Day 18: I Take My Coffee Black
We’ve got to get close enough to see each other and hear each other to love each other. Read Tyler Merritt’s, I Take My Coffee Black.

Day 19: Stories I Only Tell My Friends
This celebrity memoir by Rob Lowe is actually quite good. Read about his fascinating life in Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

Day 20: Beating Guns
Are we willing to stop our gun violence problem in America? Find good advice in Beating Guns by Shane Claiborne and Michael Martin.

Day 21: How to Human
When we learn to treat other humans better, we become better humans ourselves. Read Carlos Whittaker’s new book, How to Human.

Day 22: Nonviolent Communication
Saying what we feel instead of what we think is a great start to articulating what we need. Read more about Nonviolent Communication.

Day 23: Platonic
Making and keeping friends may be easier if you know your attachment style. Learn more in Platonic by Dr. Marisa G. Franco.

Day 24: The Fire Next Time
The truth of history needs to be remembered and told in the present, even when it hurts. Read James Baldwin’s classic, The Fire Next Time.

Day 25: Cultish
Who is susceptible to joining a cult? It may not be who you think. The book Cultish explains what makes cults so powerful and alluring.

Day 26: Good Inside 
How would our relationships change if we assumed the best instead of the worst in our relationships? Good Inside is more than a book for parents; it’s for all humans.

Day 27: The Office BFFs
Sometimes we just need to laugh with people we love. Lots of laughs in this memoir about The Office from “Pam” and “Angela.”

Day 28: The Love Prescription
Which of these seven pieces of advice would most help your relationship today? From The Love Prescription by John and Julie Gottman.

Favorite series from previous years:

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22 thoughts on “A Book a Day – Recommendations of 28 Nonfiction Favorites

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Good to know you’d recommend, Spare! I need to get myself on the hold list at my library because I’m sure there will be a wait. I’m reading Michelle Obama’s newest, “The Light We Carry” right now and it’s so good.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      That’s interesting to hear your ratio, Amy. I haven’t done the math, but that’s probably very close to the same ratio I lean toward: 10 nonfiction for every 1 fiction. I find I can read several nonfiction books at the same time, but only have one fiction book at a time in that stack.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, Kym. I did an Instagram series last November with nonfiction books, so I’m resharing some of those same ones, but also including new ones in the list too. So many books out there! 🙂

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