Tools to Memorize a Bible Chapter {31 Days}


Want the right words to tell yourself right when you need them?

Scripture memory isn’t a spiritual discipline just for kids. We adults need the Word, too.

It’s easier than you think. You’ll benefit more than you imagine.

Intro: Not just for kids–adults need it too {Scripture Memory}

Day 1: Choose your chapter

Day 2: Create a schedule and print your cards

Day 3: Set up the Bible Memory App

Day 4: Pray through the chapter

Day 5: Dig up the root words

Day 6: Use 1st letters and commentaries

Day 7: Make a mental map

Day 8: Make it personal

Day 9: Share it with others

Day 10: Recite it

Day 11: Pray through it

Day 12: Add more words

Day 13: Research the text

Day 14: Notice first words

Day 15: Why you memorize

Day 16: Share it, review it

Day 17: Say it out loud

Day 18: Meditate on it

Day 19: Sing it

Day 20: Don’t give up

Day 21: Plan to review

Day 22: Take it personally

Day 23: Notice the light

Day 24: Plan for next time

Day 25: Pray the scripture

Day 26: Expect to use later

Day 27: Depend on grace

Day 28: No regrets

Day 29: Why Jesus quoted scripture

Day 30: Closer than your phone (+ video)

Day 31: Keep moving forward