Day 2: Create a schedule & cards {Tools to memorize}

Did you choose a chapter to memorize? If not, default to Isaiah 12 for this series.

Now let’s make it easier to memorize with the following two tools. The more you prepare now, the more you’ll memorize later.


1. Create a schedule

 (ignore the dates!) or create your own.

A schedule is a valuable tool, often underestimated. But creating one now can keep you moving forward and prevent you from getting stuck.

I suggest one to two verses per week (set yourself up for success). On paper or digitally, schedule your weeks and verses now. Put it somewhere that you can see each week.

2. Make 3×5 cards

Grab some index cards and write one verse per card. Or print whatever size works best for you. Download Isaiah 12 3×5 cards here. You can use these frequently to either carry with you or set in a visible place.

Isaiah 12 3x5 cards-thumb

3. Extra: Print a one-text page

I also like having the whole chapter on one page. Print the one-page text for Isaiah 12 here. Especially if you’re a visual learner, you’ll get used to seeing the verses in a certain spot. Having those place-holders in your mind will also help you keep your place in the chapter once you start learning.

Isaiah 12 one-page-thumb


* Use the same color paper to print your verses.
I’m using all yellow for my Isaiah 12 materials. I can find them at a glance, and when I begin a new chapter, I’ll use a different color.  Any visual cue you can give yourself is an advantage.

* Save your templates.
If you create special 3×5 templates, for example, save them to use for the next chapter you learn.


Even though you’ve created a schedule, don’t live and die by it. Life will happen, so be flexible. Move dates around. Take a week off.

Do what you need to do to stay positive about memorizing scripture, not feel weighed down by it. Let it be a joy, not a grind.


* * *

Have you printed out your resources? Next on Day 3 we’ll explore Scripture Typer. Please share in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Day 2: Create a schedule & cards {Tools to memorize}

  1. Linda Stoll

    I printed Isaiah 12 out yesterday in a great big bold font and tucked it under the picture that hangs over my desk. I’ve started sitting with that first verse.

    It fell down behind the desk during the night, but it’s since been resurrected and is right back up. I’m keeping an eye on it …


    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Yay! Good for you, Linda. I’ve got Isaiah 12 in a big font too. I like to take it in my shower in a plastic bag, but it has to be big enough font that I can read it without my glasses on. 🙂

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