About me


I’m Lisa. I write about how I see life and love in everyday moments.

I share my stories here.

  • I live in an empty nest with my husband Jeff
  • But I’m still a mom to Morgan and Jenna, a mother-in-law to Fuller and Trey, and Granna to four beautiful grandchildren
  • I lead an online community for One Word of the Year
  • I love volunteering for disaster relief, delivering meals to the disabled, and helping promote common sense gun legislation
  • I’m a 5, wing 4 on the Enneagram
  • I can’t sleep late or for long at a time (yawn)
  • I homeschooled my kids from K-12th and never was more challenged or learned so much
  • I miss my middle daughter Kali who left us at 1½-hours-old for heaven
  • I insatiably thirst for more knowledge (the internet is wearing me out)
  • I dislike talking on the phone (except to my kids—phone home!)
  • But I love my phone incredibly (for everything else but talking)
  • Auburn University has my allegiance in the SEC—War Eagle
  • I love, love, love reading, particularly non-fiction
  • But I can be talked into a good novel occasionally
  • Central America stole a piece of my heart and won’t let go
  • I’m an introvert who thrives on solitude and contemplative spiritual traditions
  • But I’m also big on family and deep conversations with friends
  • I’m too tied to the clock—scheduling is my strength and my weakness
  • I started memorizing scripture years ago and now I’m hooked
  • I’m a scaredy-cat who is learning to show up for people and myself anyway

On the Blog

I post 2-3 times a week on a variety of topics (see below). The exception is 28 Days in February (used to be 31 days in October) when I share daily.

31 Day Challenges:

Once a month I share my reading list and get more personal with Share Four Somethings. Once a year I pick One Word (or so) and write a challenge the first Monday of each month (or thereabouts).

I started in Blogger in 2008 (and left my old posts there, sigh), but switched here to WordPress in 2013 for a fresh start.





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12 thoughts on “About me

  1. Sonya

    SO encouraged by your writing! Love reading ur emails and look forward to the same blessings you share! Thank you so much!!

  2. Grace Esedeke

    Hello Mam, thanks for stopping by my blog, Thanks for that comment, it led me to you. I really love your blog, its content and everything. I may have to mimic your ‘on the blog’ monthly review of the blog. I just simply love it and I guess it will help me coordinate my writings. I will also like to join the memorizing scripture link up. I actually made a post on benefits of memorizing the scriptures some time ago. I love your writing, especially the one on taking a pause…
    God bless your work here and bless you richly.

    1. Lisa

      Nice to meet you, Grace. We’d love to have you memorize scripture with us. We’ll start a new chapter in mid-January 2014 or early February. I’ll post details as it gets closer. May the Lord continue to bless you also as you continue to give him praise!

  3. Jennifer

    Lovely intro Lisa,
    My daughter Candy & son Benjamin left for Heaven before they were born Candy 18 hours before & Benjamin 20 minutes before, they were both born sleeping within 12 months of each other. It was a difficult time, but I know where they are! As do you with your precious daughter Kali.
    You are most welcome to drop by for a time of reflection together. 🙂

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  7. Betty Jo

    Hello! I followed your link from Floyd’s blog. What a beautiful family you have and I have enjoyed so much my visit to your blog. I’m going to subscribe and will definitely be back to read more. Blessings

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