Find Your Mantra {28 Daily Mantras}…Table of Contents

Looking for a mantra to anchor your day? Here are 28 daily mantras in this Table of Contents.

Introduction to the Series 

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Day 1: Just show up
Never underestimate the power of your presence. Telling yourself to “just show up” can give you enough courage to put your body where it needs to be.

Day 2: Even this will change 
Don’t get too settled here with the way things are, whether good or bad. Even this will change.

Day 3: See Everything. Forgive Much. Judge Little. 
Everyone deserves to be seen, and to be given grace, because none of us knows the other’s full story. 

Day 4: That’s interesting. Tell me more. 
When you get stuck in a conversation, practice saying, “That’s interesting. Tell me more.”

Day 5: Bad things happen to everyone. So do good things. 
Do you think bad things happen only to you? They happen to everyone. But so do good things.

Day 6: I don’t know
Unless we can say “I don’t know” more often, we may never know. There’s always more we don’t know than what we do know.

Day 7: Empathize with the hurt 
Empathize with the hurt that needs healing. Sometimes that’s what matters most.

Day 8: Tell something personal 
Sharing something personal can foster humility and bring us closer together.

Day 9: It is what it is 
Accepting “it is what it is” can better position us to receive healing and to grow forward. 

Day 10: Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it kind? 
Do your words pass this test: true, helpful, kind? Without these, your words may just be noise.

Day 11: Take one step 
Sometimes taking just one step is enough for now. What one step can you take today?

Day 12: Presume goodwill 
When possible, give each other the benefit of the doubt. Presume goodwill. It’s better for everyone.

Day 13: Focus on the highest good 
What is your ultimate goal for today? Focus on the highest good, not just the practical surface goal.

Day 14: You don’t have to finish today 
Give yourself permission to stop for the day if your project isn’t time-sensitive. You don’t have to finish today.

Day 15: Oh, well. So what? 
Do we have to take everything so seriously? Maybe we should say more often, “Oh, well. So what?”

Day 16: Make the memories good 
Today’s experiences become tomorrow’s memories. As much as it depends on you, make the memories good.

Day 17: Don’t believe everything you think 
Listen to what you say to yourself. But don’t believe everything you think.

Day 18: This is not the end
Life never truly ends. It just changes into something else. This is not the end.

Day 19: You are never alone
The presence of another person (and of God) is a true gift. You are never alone.

Day 20: The greatest of these is love 
Faith and hope are things within us. But love is something we give outside us. The greatest of these is love.

Day 21: Say yes to this moment 
The small individual moments are actually the biggest moments of all. Say yes to this moment.

Day 22: Love matters more
Love no matter where. Love no matter how. Love no matter what. Love matters more.

Day 23: Whatever happens, we’ll handle it
We’ll never be abandoned without resources of some sort. Depend on that. Whatever happens, we’ll handle it.

Day 24: They don’t have to understand
We will be misunderstood. If we let it, it can be an opportunity to grow in humility. They don’t have to understand.

Day 25: Why do you ask?
Instead of giving an answer, sometimes the best response to a question is: “Why do you ask?”

Day 26: Let go or be dragged   
Learn when it’s time to release. Learn what it’s time to release. 

Day 27: End well 
If you want to make the memory good, aim to end well.

Day 28: This. Here. Now. 
It’s good to use our imaginations. But it’s also important to stay grounded where God is present with us in this, here, now.


9 thoughts on “Find Your Mantra {28 Daily Mantras}…Table of Contents

  1. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Lisa, this is good. I don’t call these pithy principles mantras, but I love the brevity and power of short quotations. They’re easily recalled, potent in truth, and can be life-changing when applied. I’ll look forward to knowing yours! I especially love the Scriptural ones.

  2. Mary

    I have so enjoyed seeing each of the 28 mantras. Many touched my heart as ones that will be good to remind myself of on a regular basis. So, rather than picking just one, I have jotted all of them down with the one line or so that Lisa included with the mantra. I put that sheet in my prayer notebook so I can reference it often. I can see the mantras being helpful to share on occasion with others.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, Mary. I’m glad these were helpful to you too. They each have been useful to me at different times in my life (and many of them are useful right now in this season!).

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