Even This Will Change {Mantra 2}

Do you wish this moment would never end?

How about the next one?

There are some things I’d like to keep the same forever. But other things? I can’t wait for them to be over and done with, never to arrive again.

But regardless of whether I like or dislike the events of any particular hour or season, one thing is certain: they will change.

Even this will change.

Even this will change

The only thing that won’t change is God.

But even though God is unchangeable, my thoughts about God change.

What I think about God won’t be the same tomorrow as it is today. Hopefully I’ll continue to grow and learn more accurately about who God is. Our view of God when we were 5 years old was simplistic compared to when we turned 25, or 50, on and on.

But ourselves? We change. We won’t be exactly the same person tomorrow that we are today.

Our relationships? They change. Our circumstances? They change.

  • Notice the passing.
  • Accept the impermanence.
  • Appreciate little beginnings and endings every day.

You are on Day #2 of the series: “Find Your Mantra {28 Daily Mantras}

Do you like change, or are you resistant to it? For me, it depends on what the change is. Please share in the comments.

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17 thoughts on “Even This Will Change {Mantra 2}

  1. Martha J Orlando

    It does depend on what the change is, for me, Lisa. But I have accepted that change is inevitable, and I’d better learn to simply appreciate each moment I’m given and be able to move on when the need arrives.

  2. Lynn

    “Notice the passing.
    Accept the impermanence.
    Appreciate little beginnings and endings every day.”
    Love this! Change is constant and sometimes I can resist. However, life is about learning to navigate our daily changes with grace–a never-ending learning.

  3. Ashley Rowland | HISsparrowBlog

    At first I would think of this mantra really as a bad thing…change can be difficult. I just realized, though, that I tend to think of the good things changing, but it never occurs to me that the bad will also change. For some reason I’m always convinced those things are here to stay. Wonderful reminder today, Lisa. I always appreciate your insight!

  4. Joanne Viola

    “Notice the passing.
    Accept the impermanence.
    Appreciate little beginnings and endings every day.”

    I loved these three points. I don’t enjoy change yet it is through changes that we grow. I am grateful our unchanging God navigates every change with us.

  5. Heather Edwards

    I am a Super Planner, so as long as the change isn’t to one of my plans then I am ok with it Ha ha. I do struggle with it, but I recently got married to a super laid back guy, so I am learning from him, and he is learning, that when I give a specific time to be walking out the door for an event, it’s in his best interest to go with my plan, and when we have “fun day off plans” I learn to be flexible for his changing at the last minute for something better plans.

  6. Calvonia Radford

    This reminds me of the Birds, Turn Turn Turn. To everything there is a season. Even our mindsets are transitional. Based on our current perspective. My thoughts about God and his unchangeableness. The way his love for me is constant. His provision and protection are all constant. My thoughts about him have changed because I have seen him in various situations, seasons. Great mantra.

  7. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Love this, Lisa, and basically I think you’re saying that change can be good or undesirable. I love that you point out that God never changes. I remember the very first time (in my 20s) that I had the shocking revelation that nothing stays the same; things change. I was experiencing unwanted change, and I’d not seen it coming. But then I left one job for another and it was horrible–also quite unexpected. I was so glad that things changed yet again in just six months, and I landed a fascinating career that would last ten years.

    In reading this, I suddenly remembered the Pocahontas song from the animated movie by that name, and the song the main character sings, “Just Around the River Bend.” I LOVE THIS SONG!!! God actually used this at a pivotal juncture in my life (and writing/speaking career to budge me forward and to be eager, not fearful). Thinking of that song just prompted me to seek the original quote. It’s by Heraclitus: “You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on.”

    So, yes, life changes, but our great Dream-Giver never does. And just maybe, if we have broken dreams, that needn’t mean we’re at the end of the line, that things will never change. Perhaps He bids us to step back into the flowing current of His purposes. Perhaps He’s changing and orchestrating our circumstances and will surprise us “just around the river bend.”

    Another “change” quote I like is often wrongly attributed to Ghandi; still, there’s truth in it: “Be the change you want to see.”

    Thank you for showing us that “even this will change,” whatever the “this” is, and I would add that without change, there is no growth, there is no life.

    Love you.
    It’s snowy and icy here, but we’re safe and cozy. I hope you’re snug and cozy too! I don’t want this to change for a while. I love it, crazy as that may be to some. 🙂

  8. Anita Ojeda

    The only thing constant is change! Change is easier for me during some seasons of life. When I find myself resisting, I have to take a step back and analyze WHY I’m resisting change. I love your idea of noticing little beginnings and endings. We need to celebrate more often!

  9. Lois Flowers

    Lisa, you’ve given me a lot to think about with this short post! I would say I’m better at handling change than I used to be, but even after things change I still get those pangs in my gut when I wish things were the way they used to be. I do appreciate the idea that hard things change too … during the really intense season before my parents died, I often had to remind myself that I wouldn’t always feel this way. Thanks for the encouragement to notice the little beginnings and endings every day.

  10. Kym

    Love this one! My goal has long been to live fully engaged in the present and to appreciate what this day and this moment has to offer, although that can be hard when “this day” seems full of negative things. Knowing that even a hard thing will soon be in the past and I’ll come out on the other side helps!


    Change, in the form of growth, is good. Change, merely for the sake of change, is waste. In the corporate world, we’re told to “embrace change,” but why? Some change is necessary; other change has little logic behind it. Change should be forward momentum, I think.

  12. JeanWise

    I know, I know but oooo so hard to accept. Your wisdom of:
    Notice the passing.
    Accept the impermanence.
    Appreciate little beginnings and endings every day.

    helps so much. Love this series.

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