Let Go or Be Dragged {Mantra 26}

Once again, we don’t have enough hangers in our closet. Jeff is good about getting rid of an old shirt when he buys a new shirt, thus freeing up a hanger.

But I’m not.

So eventually we run out of hangers for our clothes because we have more clothes than hangers.

The disproportionate amount of clothes vs hangers isn’t a sign to me to buy more hangers. It’s a sign to to let go of more clutter.

We only have room in our closets (and our lives) for a set amount of clothes, and I don’t want to hoard extras.

Too much clutter drags me down.

Whether it’s physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional, holding on to things that I need to release is unhealthy.

This popular mantra is a useful and vivid one:

Let go or be dragged.

There are dreams I need to let go of too. Dreams of how I want things to be.

Like unworn clothes in my wardrobe, I want to release outdated dreams that I’ll never wear again. I don’t need them dragging me down and taking up unnecessary room in my closet.

The more clutter we release, the more full we can be. Getting rid of excess gives us more space to connect with others, to connect with ourselves, and to connect with God.

We don’t need to let go of everything, of course. As Thích Nhất Hạnh said,

“Letting go doesn’t mean we let go of everything. We don’t let go of reality. But we let go of our wrong ideas and wrong perceptions about reality.”

Learn when it’s time to release. Learn what it’s time to release. 

Let go or be dragged.

Let go or be dragged

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