Love Matters More {Mantra 22}

You may be a talented artist. Or a proficient accountant. Or a magnificent teacher.

But if you know how to love well?

You’re the friend we all want.

Love matters more.

There are a multitude of ways to love. There are as many ways as people.

And each way is important.

However you choose, love someone today. That’s what people need the most from you.

Isn’t this how we want to be known? “They loved well.”

Whatever you want to say—whether truth or advice or opinion—first run it through the filter of love.

Whatever you do—whether art or accounting or teaching or anything else—do it from love. With love. For love.

“The highest form of truth is a life of love.”
– Jared Byas

Believe Jesus when he said the greatest things are loving God and loving others.

Love no matter where. Love no matter how. Love no matter what.

Not “love, but…”

Just “love.” 

Love matters more.

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13 thoughts on “Love Matters More {Mantra 22}

  1. JeanWise

    always choose love. One of my mantras is this: What is the most loving response I can have in this situation or with this person? This series has been wonderful!!!

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