Focus on the Highest Good {Mantra 13}

Whether you’ll be attending an event today, or meeting with a group, or spending a day at home, what is your ultimate goal for today?

Not just the immediate, obvious goal. But the big one. The underlying goal more important than anything else.

Sometimes we don’t think about the larger goal. And thus miss it.

But with a little self-questioning and intention, we can:

Focus on the highest good.

Perhaps the highest good is to:

  • Enjoy the moment loving the people you’re with
  • Create a work of beauty to share with the world
  • Reconnect with God in a meaningful way

Whatever your highest good might be, let it be your driving force for that time.

And the other details? Whether they go as planned or not, it won’t matter quite as much.

Focus on the highest good.

What is the highest good for your day today? Share in the comments.

You are on Day #13 of the series: Find Your Mantra {28 Daily Mantras}

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