Where Is God in Your Story? Handmade – A #Write31Days Series

Every life is a story.

  • Extraordinary
  • One of a kind
  • Handmade by God

Where has God been in your story?

Handmade - Finding God in Your Story

31 Day Series

For the next 31 days, let’s look at our individual stories, and help each other find God in those stories.

I’ll post three short questions a day. Answer below in the comments, or on my daily Instagram post, or just in your head. As few or as many days as you want. No rules.

I’ll be adapting questions from the one word prompts at Five Minute Friday.

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Today’s post also includes Day 1 . . . Story.

1 – Story
Where has God been in your story? Answer 3 questions for 31 days to find God in your handmade story.

2 – What Scares You?
What are you afraid of? Which fear do you wish God would take away?

3 – Who Do You Believe?
What do you believe in? Who do you believe?

4 – Why, Why, Why
We never know as much as we think we do. So keep asking why, why, why.

5 – Release
What do you need to let go of? Sometimes we have to let go of one thing before we can receive another.

6 – Belong
Where do you go to church? Do you belong there?

7 – This Is Why It’s Safe to Hope
Sometimes we’re afraid to get our hopes up. But it’s safe to. Because God is already in our tomorrows.

8 – Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Comfort zones feel safe. But not much growth happens there. What comfort zone is God calling you out of?

9 – Breathe in the Inspiration
When days are dark, what or who inspires you to keep going? What is God inspiring you to do in this season?

10 – How Do You Worship?
Often we know what and why we do what we do. But how to do it? That can vary. How do you worship?

11 – Oil the Hinges
Doors are made to both open and close. Are your hinges oiled?

12 – Which Side Are You On?
Through just one question, we classify people as right or left. What if we asked a different question instead, to heal instead of divide?

13 – Call or Text?
Text or call? How do you decide what mode of communication to use in each situation?

14 – When You’re Afraid to Ask
Why don’t you ask God for more? You don’t have to know how or when or who he’ll use to answer.

15 – When Will You Get Your Grace?
When will you receive a fresh supply of grace? Always today.

16 – Pray to Do More Than Pray
We often pray for people. But what if God wants to use us as an answer? We pray we’ll do more than pray.

17 – Worship in the Pause
Just sit still in the pause. It may birth the most radical worship you can offer.

18 – Call Off the Search
We look and look. But what if we already have it? Call off the search.

19 – When Did You Convert
When we turn around and head a different direction, we’ve experienced conversion. God continues to bring us times of conversion. These are no less real than our initial conversions.

20 – Do You Like an Audience
Some people crave an audience. Others of us avoid the limelight. Which are you?

21 – Just Start
Sometimes we fail to start because we can’t imagine finishing. But start anyway. Take one step today.

22 – Take the Shortcut?
Sometimes shortcuts give us the help we need. But other times? They rob us of time with God.

23 – Uncommon Things at Church
This homeless man was going to prove it wasn’t just another day at church. Uncommon things happen when we wake up.

24 – You Already Know Enough
Sometimes we think we have to know everything before we can do something. But as believers, it’s more about who we belong to than how much we know.

25 – How Does He Capture You
Is it safe to put all your eggs in one basket, if the Lord is holding the basket?

26 – When It’s Not Your First Time
There is a first time for everything. While we can never repeat a first ourselves, we can enjoy a first with someone else.

27 – See the Whole Picture
It helps to see the whole picture. I don’t like mopping the floor. But when I think of my grandbaby crawling on it, it’s much easier to do.

28 – Begin with Worship
How would you describe worship? It’s a perfect way to start a day, a week, a life.

29 – Books that Bring Us Together
Books bring us together with people we would never meet otherwise. Here are four books I recommend from what I finished this month.

30 – Hear a Different Voice
When we speak different languages, we sometimes tune out the other voice–and the other person–altogether. But we miss out when we ignore each other.

31 – Hurricane Michael Aftermath – Get Close
Sometimes you have to get close. We’re getting up close and personal with Hurricane Michael this week. Panama City is now more than a vacation spot to us.


Day 1, October 1

Once upon a time. . .

Every story has a beginning.

(1) Where were you born?

(2) Are your parents still alive?

(3) How far away do you live now from where you were born?

* * *

I’d love to hear your answers in the comments.

My answers: 

(1) I was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi.

(2) Both my parents died in 2010, seven months apart. My dad died of lung cancer on Valentine’s Day, and my mother died from Alzheimer’s that September. I still miss them both.

(3) I live 170 miles from where I was born, but only 7 miles from where I grew up in Alabama.

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22 thoughts on “Where Is God in Your Story? Handmade – A #Write31Days Series

  1. Shannan

    Once upon a time. . .
    I was born at the border of three states: Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama, a town with a population of less than 2000 currently-it probably was smaller than that when I was born-and is less than 100 miles from where I currently live. My parents are alive and I talk to my mom almost every day!

  2. Lynn D. Morrissey

    St. Louis, and I live maybe 15 miles from where I was born. My husband and I were across-the-street neighbors. I’d love to live in England!! People love St. Louis or don’t!
    Sadly Daddy died in 2007, and I miss him daily. Mother nearly died after the Christmas Holiday with a 5-month serious illness, but praise God she is ok now. Just spent last evening with her and talk to her nearly daily.

  3. Jerralea Miller

    This should be fun, Lisa! I believe everyone’s story is important.

    Today, I live approx. 45 miles from where I was born, Marion, IL; but growing up, I lived 1,000 miles from my birthplace.

    My daddy died in 1990 from cancer and I miss him still every day of my life. He was my person. My mama is 83 and still alive but lives 1,000 miles away from me.

  4. Beth

    This is a great idea, Lisa! Well, I was born in St. Louis, Missouri. My parents are both gone. They had me when they were in their 40’s, so they were up in years when they passed several years ago. My mom was 79 and died of a stroke. My dad was 87 and died of a rare sarcoma cancer. I now live about 21 miles and 31 minutes from the hospital I was born in. Thanks for sharing your story and getting this ball rolling to know ours, my friend!

  5. Karen

    I was born in Sikeston, Missouri.
    My father died Oct. 24, 1992. Mother is still living.
    I live about 300 miles from where I was born and raised.

  6. Barbara Harper

    I was born in western TX, but moved southeast as a baby and lived along the TX coastline, though in different parts of it, til I went to college. My parents died 11 and 13 years ago. I live about 1,200 miles from where I was born.

  7. Rachelle Craig

    I was born in Kenton, Ohio. My dad passed away in 1978, when he was only 41 years old, of a brain aneurysm. My mom just passed away on April 10th of this year, she was 80. I miss them both dearly. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of them. But, it warms my heart to think that they are together with Jesus, rejoicing, after all those years apart. I now live about 30 miles from where I was born.

  8. Linda Stoll

    Lisa, hi!

    This is a unique 31 Days idea, for sure! I’m a big fan of thought-provoking questions … and will be using some of yours to spark some thoughts in my journaling this month. Thanks so much going there. I hope you have fun posting each day!

    Mama still living, Dad went home to be with Jesus 3 years ago
    A couple states away

  9. Mary Hill

    Such a neat series. Here are my answers:
    (1) Where were you born? Upstate South Carolina

    (2) Are your parents still alive? My mom is; my dad died in 1999. My mom remarried in 2002 to my step father. They both live down the street from me.

    (3) How far away do you live now from where you were born? I live about one hour from where I was born.

  10. Trudy

    I always love your questions, Lisa. I’m sorry your parents are gone. Mine are, too, my mom in 2006 and my dad in 2010. This summer our family reunion was three days from my mom’s birthday. My sister had her daughter make a cake, and we sang Happy Birthday to our mom. It really touched my heart. It was something my mom loved so. I was born in California, but we moved to Iowa when I was in Kindergarten. My husband and I now live in SD. So I’m a long way from where I was born! Love and hugs to you!

  11. Jane Anderson

    Love the Q&A angle, Lisa. What a fun way to share your story while others share there’s. I didn’t see that you claim to be a networker extraordinaire – but this does it. I’m so sorry about your parents passing. My oldest daughter also died in 2010. I guess that was a sad year.

    (1) Where were you born? Alma, Michigan

    (2) Are your parents still alive? My dad died of congestive heart failure when I was 19. My mom died of cancer when I was 50.

    (3) How far away do you live now from where you were born? While I lived most of my youth in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and am about 500+ miles from there, I am about 180 miles from where I was born.

  12. Anita Ojeda

    What a cool series idea! I was born in North Platte, Nebraska. My parents are still alive (in fact, they work and volunteer at the same school I work at!). I live 897 miles from where I was born (after we moved away when I was two, the closest I’ve lived to my birthplace is 764 miles).

  13. Jeanie Benson

    Love this – so glad to be joining you on this journey.

    1) Born in Raleigh, NC
    2) Mom yes, Father no (passed away 12 years ago)
    3) I live in the same county I grew up and one county over from where I was born. About 30 miles apart.

  14. Tara Horsley

    I was born in FRankin Indiana to my parents. We live in Nineveh, Indiana close to Princes Lake. We with my dad’s mother and stepfather house. We lived down stairs and my grandparents lived up stairs. My mom passaway in 1988 of colon cancer. My dad passaway in 2014 of leukemia. I am a five year cancer free this year. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my husband and my two sons.

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