Hurricane Michael Aftermath – Get Close – Day 31 of Handmade


Sometimes you have to get close enough to see. With your own eyes.

To touch with your hands. To hear with your ears.

So you can feel with your heart.

I’m in Panama City, Florida, this week. But not on vacation.

We did that a month ago. Stayed on the beach. Played in the water. Ate fish at night.

Hurricane Michael Visits

Then 2 weeks later, Hurricane Michael visited Panama City, Florida, too.

Now we’re back getting closer to this place than we’ve ever been before. Now we are in homes and in neighborhoods and meeting people who live and work here year round.

And they are hurting. Around Panama City and further east is a war zone. So many beautiful trees were broken off or ripped from the ground and became missiles in roofs and windows and vehicles. Homes.

So as we get our hands on the mess, we are closer to Panama City than we’ve ever been before.

It’s Personal

No longer will the wait staff at our favorite restaurants here be nameless faces. The staff at the condos will now be more real to us than ever. The cashiers at the grocery stores will be personal to us.

The people will run into around town might be one of our new friends.

Because this is more to us now than a vacation destination. This is somebody’s home.

And it’s personal.

Please don’t forget the survivors.

Keep praying. They want that. They need that.

Three Questions

Here are our three questions of the day:

(1) If you could travel anywhere you’ve never been, where would you go?

(2) Do you have a favorite vacation spot from your childhood or currently?

(3) Who do you think God wants you to really see that you’ve previously overlooked?

* * *
What are your answers? Please share in the comments.

My answers

(1) Probably Europe

(2) Anywhere with a good beach

(3) The people in front of me this week in Panama City

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18 thoughts on “Hurricane Michael Aftermath – Get Close – Day 31 of Handmade

  1. Debbie

    It can be too easy to forget about the people who are impacted by disasters. At the time, we pray and feel for the people but then life goes on. But not for them! My brother visited the area as he has many business clients there. He described the devastation and how many buildings are no longer there. A friend of his lost his home. So sad and yes we must pray and help.

  2. Melody

    I’m always encouraged by your writing and your heart, Lisa. Thank you for this today. Still praying for those impacted by the disaster.
    My answers:
    1) Australia
    2) The mountains – Montreat College
    3)people I do business with daily: bank teller, postman, waitress.

  3. Dolly at Soulstops

    Praying for Panama City and all those affected by Hurricane Michael and Hurrican Florence. It must have been so hard to see all those hurting, especially since you had been there recently. Blessings on you and all those helping.

  4. Patricia Krank

    1. The Amalfi Coast in Italy – My son-in-law is a professor of Italian and I’d love to have him as our personal tour guide 🙂
    2. Favorite childhood vacation spot was Disneyland – nearly every year. Favorite adult vacation was to Israel.
    3. I want to see the people in my community. We are new here and in a church with a passion for community outreach. I want to see beyond the outsides of people to the hearts. I want to learn to love Everybody, Always.

  5. Patricia Krank

    BTW Lisa, I wrote my list before I commented and I forgot to say, “Good job,” for what you and your husband are doing in Florida. We really do learn to know people when we step in to help them in disastrous circumstances don’t we? You are going to feel as blessed and they are to by having you there. Patti

  6. floyd samons

    Love your servant’s heart, sister. You and your people are the hands of God in action.

    That’s what real the real love of God looks like in action.

    I’d love to go to Italy…
    California, even though I did grow up there…
    God wants me to see the heart of people, not just their actions in insecurity and fear.

  7. Carlie

    Lisa, we have just moved back into our home well over a year since Hurricane Irma ripped it apart. But even as I celebrate moving back home, I read your post and I’m reminded of the many who are still without their ‘normal’… of the many who are still in the fresh throes of disaster. Disasters cut deep and linger long. And here at home, in the US, and all over our world home, there are people who are still suffering. My heart goes out to them, and I pray that they would experience God’s hope in a tangible way. Thanks for being part of that hope that reaches out and touches others in deep need.

  8. Betty J Draper

    I think it is wonderful that you on purpose went out of your comfort zone to help others. Getting out of our comfort zone changes our perspective on how God see others. This blessed Lisa for I remember the first time after I got saved I wen tout of my comfort zone to help a woman who was a former prostate, druggie, with so many emotional issues she would made me head swim just listening to her. Bless you.

  9. Linda Stoll

    Well you made it through 31 Days, Lisa. Too impressive, too inspiring. And in the process you were ministering to others, reaching out a hand, stopping by to say ‘hello’ on other blogger’s sites.

    I hope you find pockets of rest and joy as you recover, friend. Well done!

  10. Lesley

    It’s sad to see so much destruction, but I love your willingness to go and help. I know you are a blessing to the people there. Well done on completing Write 31 Days! I have mostly been taking a break from blogging this October but I have done it the last couple of years and know what a huge task it is!

  11. Beth

    Thank you, Lisa, for all you do to help the needy and hurting, my friend! You are the hands and feet of Christ!

    1 – Scotland! My youngest son just visited there last week and had the nerve not to take his mama! Lol! Well, maybe I can pay for him to go back next time and tag along too!

    2 – My hubby and I went to Tenby, Wales on our 25th anniversary and fell in love with the town. It’s just five miles away from a castle that our ancestors built and lived in. Yes, we are distantly related (early 1700’s through Moses White). We hope to go back there with the entire family in tow some day down the road!

    3 – Wow! What a thought-provoking question! I’m not sure, but I will begin to pray for God to open my eyes to whomever that is!

  12. Mary Hill

    Thank you for sharing about the aftermath of Hurricane Micheal on the #LMMLinkup this week. I too went to a hurricane aftermath site after Hurricane Katrina. I think God wanted me to see His work in times of trouble. He loves us and upholds even in the most terrible storms.

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