Oil the Hinges – Day 11 of Handmade

DAY 11 of Handmade Series, #Write31Days


Doors are solid.

They’re intended to block the way. To keep what’s inside in, and to keep what’s outside, out.

Door - Are your hinges oiled

Except . . . when they’re open. Open doors remove the barriers. They allow the freedom to travel in and out, back and forth.

It’s the hinge that makes the difference.

A hinge allows room for movement. For opening. For closing.

Because of the hinge, change is possible.

Our acceptance or decline of opportunities from God often hinge on our attitudes, our faith, our surroundings.

Are we keeping our hinges well-greased?

Three Questions

Here are our three questions of the day:

(1) Which door do you open and close most often at your home?

(2) Is there a person or situation that comes in and out of your life?

(3) What door do you want God to open for you now? What door do you wish he would close?

* * *

What are your answers? Please share in the comments.

My answers

(1) Probably the door to the bathroom. Or the door to the garage.

(2) I have a crazy relationship with my running watch. I’ll lose it for a few months, then it’ll pop back up, out of the blue. I bought a new watch after I misplaced the old one again, which I subsequently left in a car out of town. But surprisingly, a week later the old watch resurfaced one more time. (I need to be more responsible, yes?) More seriously, I also have a young friend who rushes into my life occasionally with big needs, then lays low for awhile after that.

(3) I’d like an open door to deploy with PAR, our local disaster response team, for hurricane relief, in either North Carolina or Florida. Only two weeks ago exactly, Jeff and I were enjoying beautiful, calm weather at Panama City City Beach, and now it’s been upended by Hurricane Michael.

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