Just Start – Day 21 of Handmade


Sometimes step 1 is the hardest.

We think about all the other steps that will follow. And it seems too much. We’re overwhelmed at the thought.

So we do nothing.


I have a preferred regimen for my daily Bible reading. It’s a 2-year plan. It alternates two weeks in the Old Testament with one week in the New Testament.

I like to read my assigned chapters on my Kindle in bed in the morning. I highlight possible verses to journal about later. Then mid-afternoon, I read through old notes on those chapters. And journal about one new verse.

Except I haven’t been doing it.

Not at all.

The past few months I got out of the habit. I was trying to get other things accomplished, so I kept pushing it aside. And nothing is wrong with that. We’re not obligated to read our Bibles every morning.

But I want to read the verses. I like to. And I’ve missed it.

So to start again, I made a decision.

Instead of waiting until I can go through the whole routine again, I’m only going to do the reading. And forget about the journaling. For now. When our current memory challenge is over and #write31days is over and traveling slows down, I hope to pick back up the habit of reading previous journal notes and writing new journal notes.

But just because I can’t do it all doesn’t mean I can’t do some.

So I’ll do some instead of none.

Starting . . . now.

Three Questions

Here are our three questions of the day:

(1) What time do you wake up and get up on a typical weekday?

(2) Is there a project you’ve started but have stalled on?

(3) What spiritual discipline has God led you to use most effectively?

* * *

What are your answers? Please share in the comments.

My answers

(1) I wake up to stay about 4:30am but I like to lie in bed and read or listen to podcasts for a couple of hours if I can before actually getting up. My goal is always to go back to sleep, but that rarely happens.

(2) Ugh, yes. Converting home video tapes to digital.

(3) Memorizing scripture is one favorite way I stay in close contact with God throughout my day (and night).

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2 thoughts on “Just Start – Day 21 of Handmade

  1. Barbara Harper

    A blog post I read recently (I forget where) talked about micro-nutrients and applied that spiritually. Like you, he said that if we can’t do our whole usual routine, we can at least do something, and that anything is better than nothing. I have a routine for Bible reading that involves the passages our church is currently reading 5 days a week, and then my own continual trek through the Bible, plus a devotional book (currently Joni Eareckson Tada’s Spectacle of Glory), plus, if there is time, a Christian non-fiction book. But on Sundays I just read the Daily Light on the Daily Path reading for the day, and on other busy days try to do at least that, too. When we started attending our current church and found that they go through passages at home and then discuss them on Sunday, I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit that into what I already do. I didn’t want to stop what I was doing. But most weeks I can figure out a way, depending on the length of the passages involved. It may slow down my own reading, but that’s all right. I am really enjoying the discussions on Sunday.

    1) Usually about 6. I’m trying to work towards getting up a little earlier – it makes the rest of my day go together better if I do. But that would necessitate getting to bed earlier, too.

    2) I have a stitchery project I started ages ago, but ran out of one of the yarn colors, then couldn’t find anything like it in stores. I finally decided I can use one of the other yarns in the kit without it being too noticeable, but just haven’t gotten back into it. And now I am even considering changing the decor I have in that room. LOL! But I should still finish it anyway.

    3) The morning quiet time mentioned above.

    I need to do something with home video tapes, too.

  2. David

    “Except I haven’t been doing it.” I love that line! 😀 I am full of grandiose schemes and perfect organisation – none of which comes off. Since the beginning of the year I have a Business Mentor/Coach so things are improving.

    1. 6. 5:30 if I’m cycling to work (failed scheme #537 was stick to 5:30 through the winter and do a yoga session. Nope). 7 at weekends. I like to sleep in but I know it ruins the day.
    2. Tons.
    3. I’ve joined some online scripture reading groups and really love them. Partly it means I read and think about – interact with – scripture every day; partly (& this hit me when I tried to do an equivalent scripture study on my own – failed scheme #735) because in those groups I am part of a Christian community.

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