You Know Enough Already – Day 24 of Handmade


When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby is born next spring, it will automatically be royalty.

But it won’t know that. At least not at first.

Sometimes we think we have to know everything before we can do something.

But as believers, it’s more about who we belong to than how much we know.

So do you know enough already?

Read the whole thing here, “Do You Know Enough Already?”

Three Questions

Here are our three questions of the day:

(1) How often did you visit your grandparents when you were a child?

(2) How far back can you trace your family of origin?

(3) “But I don’t know enough yet!” Have you ever said that to God when he wanted you to do something? How did it work out?

* * *

What are your answers? Please share in the comments.

My answers

(1) We lived in Alabama and my grandparents lived in Mississippi. For awhile we drove there every 6 weeks to visit, but less as we got older.

(2) My siblings have a family tree somewhere. I only know names back to some of my great-grandparents.

(3) I say that to God probably every week about something. I never think I know enough. Then I tell him, “Okay, I’ll just show up—but you have to do the rest!” and it usually works out pretty good.

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I’m writing at Do Not Depart today. Will you join me there? Do you already know enough?


11 thoughts on “You Know Enough Already – Day 24 of Handmade

  1. Rebecca Hastings

    These questions sure make me think!

    I’ll answer the first one today because it makes my heart happy! My grandparents lived within 10 minutes of me growing up. They consistently stood in the gap left by my biological father, helping me grow up loved. It was truly a gift!

  2. Laurie

    Thank you for the encouragement, Lisa.

    To answer your questions…sadly, all of my grandparents died by the time I turned 7. I remember them only vaguely, but we did visit my maternal grandparents a lot before they passed away, and they were wonderful.

    My niece traced our family tree back to the 1500s! I have her research as a wonderful resource.

    I have said that to myself many times. Usually right before jumping in and doing what I should have done without complaining in the first place! 🙂

  3. Michele Morin

    I actually lived with one set of grandparents.
    I can trace my family tree back to the first “greats,” but don’t have much detail.
    And number 3 is at least a weekly experience. The kid’s chorus “He’s Still Working on Me” keeps coming to mind as I type.

  4. ~ linda

    Hi Lisa,
    1) We used to go annually from wherever we were based as a Navy family to Chicago where my maternal grandparents lived. My paternal side died before I was born.
    2) I have done much research and have gone back generations on some branches and ran into deadends on others. It was fun looking but then I got tired. One day I may look some more.
    3) YES! more often than I wish to admit. Sometimes, it is not even to know more but just not to do it…whatever it may be.
    Thanks for asking!

  5. Jennifer

    Although I cannot trace my family tree back to terribly far (sadly), I do have precious and wonderful memories of my grandparents. We lived about three hours from their home and visited regularly. Their influence on my life is a gift!

  6. bill (cycleguy)

    1. Since we lived in the same housing project as my mom’s parents I saw them about every day or at least several times a week. Walked to church with my grandfather on many occasions (about 3-4 miles). My dad’a mom lived in MD so we may have seen her once a year.
    2. I know I’m Italian on my dad’s side. I know I have some Pennsylvania Dutch on my mom’s side. Beyond that…I don’t know. And I’m okay with that.
    3. I don’t recall ever saying that. I will admit I don’t understand some things to the church I pastor (like the Trinity).

  7. Dianna

    I lived in the same house as my paternal grandparents so I spent a lot of time with them. I visited my maternal grandparents once a week.

    One side of my family I can trace back to Wales and the other side back to Germany.

    I saw where you were going with this, my friend. I’ve probably said I don’t know enough yet to God more times than I would care to say. But it is all about trust when it comes to Him, yes? Thank you for that reminder, Lisa.

  8. Yvonne Chase

    1) How often did you visit your grandparents when you were a child? Never. They were all dead. I only met one of my grandparents; my father’s Dad when he visited us America. He returned to Barbados and I never saw him again. He died.

    (2) How far back can you trace your family of origin? Never thought about doing this although I’ve traced generational behaviors and patterns as far back as my parents and their siblings.

    (3) “But I don’t know enough yet!” Have you ever said that to God when he wanted you to do something? How did it work out? Not sure. I might be in that space now. I was making hot tea earlier when I had a conversation with myself about something I could be doing but instead I’m taking a class for this particular thing. Parts of me know for sure I already know more than enough to take the next steps so why am I in this class?

    * * *

  9. Theresa Boedeker

    Your title intrigued me. I was wondering what I knew enough about. Because I am thinking I know less now. But you are right. I know enough to move forward. To do what I am called to do. To share my talents.
    1. We used to visit our grandparents every Sunday night when they were not wintering down south.
    2. I can’t trace it back that many generations, but my sister-in-law has traced the family back to England and who knows where.

  10. Gail

    1. We moved a lot with my father’s work, and we often lived far from my grandparents, but we usually saw them at Christmas time at least.
    2. I know more about my husband’s family background than my own.
    3. I don’t think I often say those words, but I often wish I knew more about God’s Word and just this morning wrote out a list of priorities so I have more time to do that.

  11. floyd samons

    Powerful point, Lisa. It’s not about us, but about Who we belong to…

    We saw our grandparents a lot, especially when we were young and lived in California.

    My mom’s side traces way back, but my dad’s side only goes back several generations to Arkansas where my dad’s dad didn’t even have a birth certificate.

    Unfortunately for me I’ve always been over confident and thought I was ready and qualified for anything… it’s been a life long learning process!

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