Why, Why, Why – Day 4 of Handmade



I want to know. I like to know why.

We think we know a lot of things.

But often those who think they know the most, actually know the least.

Day 4 Why

Keep Asking Why

So we must not stop asking why. Even when we don’t hear God answering.

Why? Because he is listening.

And in his own way, he is also always answering. Maybe we just aren’t ready to hear or understand yet.

As I’ve heard it said, the miracle of the burning bush wasn’t that God spoke through a bush. It’s that Moses heard him there.

Tweak Your Why

In the meantime, we might need to adjust our why to more productive questions.

But don’t abandon the question itself of why. It makes us dive deeper, swim underwater, get a new perspective.

Asking why expands our conversations instead of shutting them down. 

And if there’s anything we need right now, it’s more grace to understand who we are, who God is, and why he has us right here, right now, in these circumstances.

What Do You Think? – 3 Questions

Here are our three questions of the day:

(1) Why do you live where you do?

(2) Why are you with (or not) your husband/wife?

(3) What “why” would you like God to answer right now?

* * *

What are your answers? Please share in the comments.

My answers:

(1) Jeff and I like living in the same area as family and it’s basically where were grew up.

(2) I knew Jeff’s brother, and met Jeff through him. (And…God wanted me to really know the love of Jesus in the flesh, so he gave me Jeff.)

(3) Why don’t You intervene more directly when bad things happen?

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13 thoughts on “Why, Why, Why – Day 4 of Handmade

  1. Theresa Boedeker

    Yes, why expands our conversations. Which leads to more questions. I love asking questions and learning new things. Asking why reminds me of little children, or at least mine. “Mom, why are there rails alongside the road? Why are there clouds?”

    1. We live where we do because my sister said move to the Midwest, so we headed out on a new adventure. We stay because of my husband’s job and because we like it.

    2. I met my husband when he visited my church. I thought he was a total flake, but he eventually won me over. God knew he was what I needed.

    3. What eternity will be like.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Little kids are the best at asking why! We have so much to learn from them.

      You must have an adventurous spirit, Theresa. 🙂 And I’m glad that God knew what I needed in a spouse too. I knew Jeff for a few years as a friend, then one day the light clicked on and we started dating. It’s been magic ever since.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Family ties are definitely a theme in why we live where we do. It’s such a beautiful pull.
      How beautiful it is to be married to our best friend. I’m glad you know that joy too, Alyson!

  2. Pam Ecrement

    1. It’s the country where my hubby and I both grew up and after his military service when we could have gone anywhere, we came back to Ohio because it would be near family and serve as “home base” to travel other places (instead of living elsewhere and vacation time spent coming to see family every year).

    2. I am with my husband because he loved me tenaciously from the outset even when I was not being lovable. He never failed to treat me with respect and honor.

    3. I would like to know why He has not returned yet?

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I understand what you mean about having a home base. It’s very convenient for Jeff and I too to have family around us most of the time. Then when it’s time for vacation, we can travel in any direction. I have friends who have moved away and feel so torn (and often feel guilty) when they want to vacation anywhere except their hometown. I’m thankful not to have that struggle!

  3. Jerralea

    1. We live here because of family. Now that my grandkids live nearby, I will never leave! 😉
    2. I am with my husband because God gave him to me – and I promised I would stay til death do us part.
    3. I also would why He loves me in spite of my mess ups.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’m jealous of those who get to live near grandkids, although I can’t complain too much—I’m only 3 hours away from ours. I was blessed for my own kids to have both sets of grandparents within an hour’s drive as they were growing up. I’ve seen what a joy it is. I know you are enjoying it and I’m sure your kids/grandkids are blessed by it too!

  4. Tea With Jennifer

    Great questions Lisa!
    My answers;
    1. God specifically directed me here after my late husband’s death to brain cancer, beside quiet waters to restore my soul & He got it right! I love it here on the coast…East Coast of Australia.

    2. My present husband & I had been friends for 7 years prior to our romance, after being a part of the same mission team to Vanuatu. In my widow hood, God clearly opened the door for a deeper relationship to develop between us…I married my dear friend.

    3. I stopped asking God “why” after the loss of my daughter, then the loss of my son & then the loss of my late husband…I have come to a place of acceptance that He is all knowing & has His reasons for all the things He has allowed beyond my understanding… that I could possibly ask “why” too… 🙂

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Oh my, I didn’t realize you’d had so much loss in your life, Jennifer. 🙁 I’m so sorry. But I’m glad God opened new doors for you in your healing. I admire you for working through to a place of acceptance. I can’t imagine the difficulties it took to get there, but praise God for where you are now. Thanks for sharing this part of your story with me!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Credit for the burning bush idea goes to a quote in The Happiness Prayer by Rabbi Moffat. He was quoting an old Jewish saying, so no direct author. I’d love to be able to attribute it to the right person because it is a great insight!

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