5 Links, Books, and Things I Love – November 2018

What was a highlight of your October? What are you looking forward to in November?

1 Second Everyday

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5 Things Around the Web

1. Why You Can Be a Kinda Contemplative Christian
by Ed Cyzewski

“It is far better to begin imperfectly, to be ‘kinda contemplative,’ than to have no silence, no centering, no attempts to reach God in the stillness of our souls.”

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2. The 17 Phrases that ‘Scare’ Introverts the Most
by Jenn Granneman


#9, 11, 17 . . . a lot of these made me laugh because they are so true for me.

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3. Why Can’t More Than Four People Have a Conversation at Once?
by Corinne Purtill

“It’s called the ‘dinner party problem’: A table of four or fewer people may happily converse as one, but a party of five or more will splinter fairly quickly into separate conversations of two or three or four people each. What is it about the number four?”

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4. In a Breaking World, We Can’t Handle Knowing So Much
by Cameron Smith

Information overload. I feel this exactly. Do we have to know everything?

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5. Year 40 – Moses Lost in the Desert

Moses - Lost in the Desert - GPS

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5 Things with Words

1. ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Voted America’s Best-Loved Novel   


I loved the Great American Read series this summer/fall. While To Kill a Mockingbird is not my all-time favorite (and #2 Outlander wouldn’t make my list at all!), I’m good with the remaining top 10. It was fun being reminded of favorite books and discovering new ones to read, such as The Prayer of Owen Meany. I’m almost finished with it.

See the full results here.

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2. How Many Books in Your Home?
by Naaman Zhou

How many books are in your house? Even if you’re not reading them, just their presence might make you smarter. So they say…I’m not sure myself.

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3. Why Are We Still Teaching Reading the Wrong Way?
by Emily Hanford

Kids can learn to read when they’re taught properly. So why are we not using the proven methods every time?

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4. 10 Solid Gold ESL Teaching Tips to Maximize Your Students’ Talking Time
by Ryan

But these tips aren’t just for ESL. They are good tips for ALL of us in our explanations and conversations.

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5. Four Books I Recommend to Bring Us Together 

Books bring us together with people we would never meet otherwise. Here are four books I recommend from what I finished this month.


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5 Things I Love

1. Done! #Write 31 Days

This is the last year for #Write31Days with Crystal. I decided on a new theme at the last minute—Handmade: Find God in Your Story. It about wore me out keeping up. But I’m glad I did it.

THANK YOU to all who commented on the three questions a day throughout the month, either here on my blog or on Instagram! I learned so much about you and your walk with God.

You have encouraged my own faith!

Handmade - Finding God in Your Story_tw

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2. Great American Read

great american read

While we were killing time in Nashville waiting for a Rob Bell talk, we stumbled across a book fair. And a PBS booth with The Great American Read!

Jeff’s pick, The Alchemist, ended up coming in at #70. One of my favorites, The Book Thief, was #14.

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3. Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5K

We finished the Ribbon Run again!

Jeff volunteered for the fun job this year of holding the grandbaby while we did the race.

I walked for Christi, the daughter of one of my best friends. Christi was diagnosed with breast cancer this year and went through chemo. And now appears to be cancer-free, praise God!

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4. Hurricane Michael Cleanup

Jeff and I got to go to Panama City, Florida, last week to do cleanup work with our PAR disaster relief group. It was difficult to see all the destruction. But we were blessed to meet family after family who are doing their best to get back on their feet.

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5. My Favorite Bee – First Halloween

bumble bee

My favorite little bumble bee and Winnie the Pooh, too. We were so glad Morgan and family got to come up for our family’s Halloween Party again this year.

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5 Things on the Blog

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What was a highlight from your October? What are you looking forward to in November? Please share in the comments.

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22 thoughts on “5 Links, Books, and Things I Love – November 2018

  1. Linda Stoll

    Oh sweet baby girl looks like her grandma. Really! As always, I always have fun watching your 1 second every day review

    How you did 31 Days and packed all these other happenings into one month is incredible. Here’s to a quiet, peaceful November for you, friend …

  2. bill (cycleguy)

    So many things happened in October. WOW! I got to see my friend, Dave, leader of 3 Feet Please as he was driving from AZ to Maine. Talk about culture/weather shock. He plans to spend 6 months in Maine. The church also celebrated its 14th anniversary. I had the wonderful joy of spending my grandson’s 12th birthday with him by surprising him and showing up. I’m reading some great books. Okay I am reading one and have a few in the cue. (I’m a man so I can only read one at a time). I do recommend for fiction #4 in the Dancing King series by Glynn Young. Fantastic book!

  3. Barbara Harper

    I identified with the great majority of the Introvert article, but especially 1, 8, 10, 12, and 16.

    I was kind of surprised at TKAM being #1, though it’s a great book. I voted for Narnia and was glad to see the series at #9. I think I only voted once or twice, though. Jane Eyre and Little Women would have been other top contenders for me.

    Cute little bumblebee!

  4. floyd samons

    Huge month!

    You guys are doers!

    I give you credit; with all you do, you still have time to post and make your readers ponder and contemplate. That too is a gift.

    That baby gets more kisses than the Hershey’s factory!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      The 1 second videos are super easy to do! You just take a video (of any length) on your phone, then open up the One Second Everyday app. Click on the calendar date on the app and up pops your video from that day. You choose the 1 second of it you want to save. At the end of the month, one more click turns it all into one long video. That’s it!

  5. Laurie

    What an adorable little bumblebee! She is a sweetie. Congrats on completing The Ribbon Run! And I agree with you and your hubby about the book recommendations! We read The Book Thief in book club last year. Best discussion ever!

  6. Beth

    Ooh! Several of those posts look intriguing to me! I can’t wait to read! And what a cutie you have as a grandbaby! She’s the cutest bumble bee ever! Thanks for all you do, Lisa! And looking forward to highlighting you next week at my space!

  7. April

    Thank you for what you did with helping out after Hurricane Michael. My family lives down there, and 3 of them don’t know when their house will be ready to move back into. For now, they are in a temporary apartment. It’s a mess.
    I enjoyed your 1 second a day video! That makes me want to try that!

  8. Laura Thomas

    What a great month, Lisa! I particularly loved the introvert phrases… ? and of course, your little bee. I actually dressed my English bulldog as a bee—that’s a whole other thing! Blessings to you for the coming month!

  9. Jerralea

    Good job on finishing the Write 31 Challenge!

    I think your granddaughter is an adorable bee. When my Baylee was 3 years old, her ambition in life was to grow up to be a bee. “They fly and eat honey, MiMi, and I want to do that, too!”

    As always, you’ve packed a wealth on info in your blogpost. I’m saving the link to come back.

  10. Crystal Twaddell

    This was wonderful, Lisa! Loved your 1 Second a Day video and that whole idea of capturing moments. Technology makes it so easy now doesn’t it? Your book fair adventure took me back to when all my kids were in school, and how much we looked forward to the book fairs every year. It was a fun way to instill a love of reading into my kids. Books are such a necessity in my life, and I know they are in your’s also.

  11. Ashley Davis

    That introvert list is hilarious! I can relate to just about all of them.

    We’re celebrating Emmett’s birthday this weekend!
    My mom’s birthday is the day after Thanksgiving. I’m having a little surprise party for her that night.

  12. Jean Wise

    I laughed out loud at the 17 phrases that scare introverts. I knew and yes was right what was the number one. LOL loved the bumble bee! And if the number of books determined your intelligence – I am so far above any rating scale. ha. I have sooooo many books…Love this regular feature on your blog, Lisa. Thanks

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