But Are You Different Enough?

Are you different enough?

You’re probably quite different from your spouse. In more than one way.

But are you different enough?

Instead of viewing your relationship differences as negatives, what if you used them to your advantage?

Here are 5 ways to use personality differences to build up your relationships, not tear them down.

Read it all here:
“Are You Different Enough? 5 Ways to Use Differences in Your Relationship”

Your goal isn’t to become exactly alike, but to sharpen each other’s uniqueness.

* * *

I’m writing today at Beth Steffaniak‘s blog, Messy Marriage.

Will you join me there to see 5 ways we can use our differences?

You can find the whole series, “Lessons Learned in Marriage” at Beth’s blog.


11 thoughts on “But Are You Different Enough?

  1. Beth

    I’m so honored and excited to have you, Lisa! You really knocked it out of the park with your post! I hope lots of people come by and check out your wise words about an area of marriage that everyone struggles to navigate.

  2. Pam Ecrement

    Well said, Lisa! The truth is that when spouses are different their relationship is more complimentary and that creates a more stable foundation that when they are symmetrical and bring similar strengths and weaknesses to the relationship. When I was still practicing marriage and family therapy, I much preferred a couple that was not too much the same because they had the best shot at more growth and change in areas they had difficulty with. Their differences also (when understood) bring a powerful dynamic to parenting as well.

  3. Melody

    Oh Lisa I’m looking forward to following this series! I’ve always loved your writing and your heart that is so clearly revealed through it. I know I said that all grammerly wrongish. Sorry.

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