Twelve steps to a compassionate life

Twelve steps to a compassionate life_LisaNotes

In my year of One Word 2014: Compassion, I’m practicing one step per month from Karen Armstrong’s Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life.

  1. Learn about compassion
    How do you stay soft in a hard world?
  2. Look at your own world
    Does it matter?
  3. Compassion for yourself
    Practice on yourself
  4. Empathy
    Go toward, not away
  5. Mindfulness
    It matters to me; does it to you?
  6. Action
    First you listen, then you act
  7. How little we know
    “I’m not sure”—Is that compassionate?
  8. How should we speak to one another?
    Change your tone
  9. Concern for everybody
    When we are different
  10. Knowledge
    Don’t take my word for it
  11. Recognition
    Don’t look away
  12. Love your enemies
    Compassion for an enemy?


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