On the Blog – January 2020

Here are brief summaries and links to blog posts from January 2020.

On the Blog 2020-01

One thought on “On the Blog – January 2020

  1. floyd

    Is the first month of this year already gone?

    Oh man…

    Good month, Lisa. I think the post about putting our bodies in a worshiping and humble position is powerful.

    One of the worst times in my life ended me on the floor of a one bedroom apartment with threadbare carpeting face down in it. I was broken before God. That was the beginning of the change in me, my pride and ego, brought about by God.

    It turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

    Sometimes I put myself in the carpet of my den office in prayer. It’s a powerful tool of worshiping the Worthy and Almighty.

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