4 Things You Can Give Away Outside the Church Walls

What if you gave away something every day, to someone outside your church walls? Would you become poorer? Or richer than ever?

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Breann lives at a homeless shelter these days. Her possessions are few. Her friends are numbered. Her demeanor is almost hopeless.

As we talked over the Thanksgiving meal, I felt helpless.

What did I have to give Breann that could make a significant difference in her life? Turkey and stuffing—even with a beautiful cupcake for dessert—was totally inadequate.

How can we also bless others with God’s love outside our church walls?

Read the rest here . . . 4 Things You Can Give Away

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I’m writing today at Do Not Depart for our month-long series on intentional spiritual growth.

Will you join me there to see the four things you can give away?

One thought on “4 Things You Can Give Away Outside the Church Walls

  1. Barbara Harper

    My virus protection still won’t let me go to the Do Not Depart site, but I wanted to let you know I enjoyed this. Sometimes just taking the time to give people full attention, hope, and respect, can be a big gift.

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