Put Your Body in Position

I like to use my head. To think. To analyze. To plan.

But sometimes, I need to put my body where my head is.

Put my body in position.

Put the body in position

On Your Knees

It was the first Sunday of the new year. The first Sunday after the latest church shootings. Another one in Texas. Three people died.

Pastor Priscilla had been wrestling with God on Saturday night about it. On Sunday morning, she had an assignment for the rest of us.

Get down on your knees. Bow. Start the year off right by worshiping the Father. Physically, not just mentally or emotionally.

She wanted us to know awe, to exhibit faith, to discard fear. To start this year off right.

So we did. On our knees all across the room, we were prayed over by Pastor Priscilla. She gave us what she’d been given about BOW: Blessed Overcoming Winners (not sinners).

There’s something about putting the body in position.

Raise Your Hand

The service continued on. This time it was Pastor Pat pulling us up for more.

It had been two days since the assassination of Iran’s Qasem Soleimani. International tension was high. Pastor Pat asked for raised hands if you would be deploying overseas or had loved ones deploying. 

He asked those sitting nearby to gather around those with hands raised, to pray for their safety and for our military and for peace.

I looked around. I saw clumps of people spread out over the auditorium, praying, in touch with soul and body.

I saw people putting their bodies in position.

Body in Place

The sermon was delivered. Pastor Pat asked for those with needs to come receive prayer. Lay down their weights.

My friend Sandy, sitting next to me, stood up. She was quick to walk to the front and kneel for prayer.

My mind went into gear. Pray for Sandy. My heart engaged, too: Lord, please.

But my body? It was frozen in place. God could hear my prayers for Sandy from my seat. Why did my body need to follow?

Logically, I was right. God can hear us anywhere. I could hug Sandy afterwards, and even pray together then.

But sometimes the body needs to follow the heart instead of only rationalizing with the head.

I stepped out. Already there were many others up front praying. I found Sandy and knelt beside her, my arms over her shoulders, and prayed with her. Not just in spirit, but also in body.

It felt different than praying from my seat. It felt stronger.

A few more minutes went by. Sandy turned to me and asked if I needed prayer, too. I did. Don’t we always?

She prayed for me. This song flooded over us.

Chains fall
Fear bow
Here now
Jesus, you change everything.

All across the auditorium people were asked to pray with open hands. I opened mine.

Sometimes we need to just put the body in position.

The Body Complete

Some lead with their gut, some with their heart; I lead with my head.

But sometimes the whole body needs to show up, not just the head or heart.

I often have to make my body go where I want it to go.

I have to remind myself to linger in my body, not just in my mind. It doesn’t come naturally.

But perhaps we are most like God when we are three-in-one, together, like he is with the Son and Spirit.

Send the body. Put it where you want it to be. Let it do things.

Even if it’s uncomfortable.

Put the body in position.

* * *

Which are you: a head, heart, or body person? Please share in the comments.

This is my year to Linger. For January I’m focusing on lingering in the body. Here’s why.


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18 thoughts on “Put Your Body in Position

  1. Rebecca Jo

    I love this so much. There is something truly powerful in prayers that are on your knees – humbling yourself before the Lord. & bless you for hearing the call to step boldly to go pray with your friend. Not that God heard your prayer any differently, but the Spirit, I’m sure was able to move more freely between you both in that moment.

  2. Michele Morin

    I’m probably a head person, but I sure resonate with this post. I found myself on my knees a lot more when my kids were young and I was overwhelmed. The illusion of “control” is a lot easier to fall into these days, but I’m re-thinking that even as I type. Our body position speaks volumes about the state of our hearts.

  3. Martha J Orlando

    I tend to be a heart person, Lisa, and that usually serves me well in getting both my mind and body in gear to go with the need I see at hand. I love, love, love how you stressed the importance of bringing all three to prayer and worship. I will be more conscious of that from here on out.

  4. Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Great thought-provoking post! I’m a heart person, but I have allowed my body to stifle my heart. There is something humbling about going down on your knees in prayer. I have even laid prostrate on the floor when I am desperately praying. I never thought I’d be a hand-raiser (not this staunch protestant gal), but when the worship moves me, my hands just go up. There truly is something behind putting your body in position. Loved this.
    Bev xx

  5. bill (cycleguy)

    Worship involves both body and soul. But most importantly the heart. I like that you followed the Lord’s leading in getting up to pray for your friend. Sometimes a hand around the shoulder goes a long way in letting someone know you care.

  6. Laurie

    What a beautiful message, Lisa. The body is a powerful thing. When you put your arms around your friend in prayer, that sent a strong message to her: “I’m here for you”. God can hear us anywhere, but showing love and compassion to others is important.

  7. Anne

    I am generally a head person, but my heart plays a huge part too. My body has given up, no longer able to kneel and often not even able to raise my arms. My soul has to do most of the work now.

  8. Elaine Livingstone

    I am a head person, like to think things through before I open my mouth and stick my foot in it, not always succeed, sometimes comments escape before the brain communicates with the mouth.
    How lovely of you to go and support your friend while she was in prayer.

  9. Jean Wise

    Using our body in prayer. Great reminder. Often I sit still yet when I do move I am more engaged wholly and holy. I learned that on my last retreat so use more movements Love your church service illustration.

  10. Valerie Riese

    I’m a head person too and rarely want to step out and show overt actions in public, except to walk to communion with folded hands.

    I feel like I was in the service with you, longing to move yet feet planted, frozen in place. The Lord is using your words in me in this moment in a way I can’t express right now, but I know this will come back to me. You’ve stirred something in me and I know the Lord will use this to make me step out next time.

  11. Elena Wiggins

    I’m a head person, often over analyzing everything. This is a powerful reminder that God wants ALL of us surrendered to Him for Hos glory and our good. Just like it says in Luke, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”. Mind, body, heart, soul… and all that is included in that (emotions, family, aspirations, fears, friendships, career) surrendered to His leading. Often times it takes our body moving into a position of worship for our mind and heart to follow (and vice versa other times). Thank you for writing this soul-stirring post!

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    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Hmm…you make an interesting insight in your parenthetical comment…actually doing something can also affect us in negative ways. I just ate a 3rd chocolate chip cookie after so thoroughly enjoying two. 🙂 My head said no, but my body was already in gear.

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