5 Posts and 5 Favorite Comments

One of my favorite things about blogging is reading your comments. They often contain far more value than my posts.

Here are five favorite posts from the blog last month, along with five of my favorite comments from you beautiful readers. Thank you for sharing your hearts and wisdom here. 

I’m sharing five groups of five things I love, one per day this week.

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5 Posts and 5 Favorite Comments

1. Would You Want to Be the Next President? 

Would you want to be the next President? Not everyone is called to lead. But Jesus invites all of us to follow.

From Lois:

“I served as class secretary all four years, and in college, when I was given the opportunity to be the editor of the newspaper, I chose to work in the media affairs office instead. I’ve often wondered if my avoidance of leadership roles was indicative of some kind of weakness or flaw, but maybe God has called me to other things, as you suggest. Here’s to “following where Jesus leads,” no matter what the future holds.”

2. Can You Wait 5 More Minutes? 

Can you wait just 5 more minutes before you give in to that temptation? Sometimes that’s all we need.

From David:

“Wait 5 minutes” is a very good idea, which I will definitely use. 5 minutes later I am busy doing something else and the urge is forgotten.

In an insomnia attack, I have to get up. Read, write, have a snack, … the best thing is yoga. 3am is quite a good time for a long slow session. And then my whole body is singing out for sleep.

Perhaps any habit that says “It’s bedtime, you will be asleep soon” will be effective. Bedtime journalling has worked for me (though after 5 minutes I’m just getting started). The best scheme ever was a 1/2 hour sesh: 15 mins free writing — has to be *about* something, has to be positive (eg why I like X); 15 mins reading poetry. Both of which I love but never have time for. And having to set aside 30 mins meant I intentionally went to bed early. Will be starting this again soon as I’ve just ordered a new book of poems.

3. God Personalizes Your Gifts 
God knows you by name and by need. He personalizes his gifts for you.

From Donna:

“God is not one size fits all, and engages with us on such a personal level according to our need. When going through a difficult trial, it’s so comforting to know He sees “me” and knows “me” not just someone like me. Thank you for this encouragement!”

4. What Do You Think About God? It’s Critical 

What we think about God determines who we are and how we live. That’s why it’s important we form the right ideas. Read this excerpt from James Bryan Smith.

From Linda:

“Loving God with you, friend.
How mercifully kind, loving, and just He is.
He’s got this. All that assails us.”

5. How to Prevent Compassion Fade During a Pandemic

How do you not get overwhelmed by the big numbers of deaths during the pandemic? Prevent compassion fade by focusing on one person at a time.

From Marielle:

“I have seen the power of focusing on or ministering to the one. I try to keep that perspective in being present with one child, writing to bless just one soul, and praying for others one by one.”

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