Would You Want to Be the Next President?
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The Position for You

If you are keeping tabs on the U.S. Presidential election, you see the extreme pressure put on the candidates.

Every move is watched; every word is analyzed; every decision is judged.

That’s not the life for me.

Yesterday an old photo from my high school days surfaced on Facebook. It was the group photo of the yearbook staff.

It reminded me of other clubs I was involved with in high school.

And it also reminded me of this truth about myself: While I loved being involved in the clubs, I never wanted to lead them.

Not for Everyone

When pressed into running for various offices by my sophomore year, my preferred position was treasurer. Or maybe secretary. Or if the president seemed strong, I’d gladly run as the vice president.

But not the president.

In my junior year I somehow got wrangled into being the editor of the yearbook, and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

For my senior year I convinced someone else to be the editor so I could slip back into a more comfortable position as assistant editor.

This year must be especially hard for top leaders. They have to be in control (or appear to be) of uncontrollable events.

Our society sometimes assumes that we all would want to be the top dog if given the chance.

But not everyone is called to that. 

And that’s okay.

“Follow Me”

I’m glad. [Pam Ecrement’s post here explains this truth well.] 

When Jesus called his apostles, he didn’t choose people already in high leadership positions. He didn’t call them to be the CEOs and CFOs of “Jesus Christ Ministry, Inc.”

His call wasn’t: Go lead!

Instead, Jesus said: Follow me.

I’m not saying he didn’t want them to be leaders. They did lead. But they led as they followed Jesus.

And where did Jesus’s path lead them? To self-sacrifice. To more humility. To love others as they loved themselves.

In this year of uncertainty, we don’t have to forge our own new paths. We just need to continue doing what he’s called us to do already: Follow where Jesus leads.

  • He leads us to do the next right thing.
  • To love the very person in front of us.
  • To speak the most fitting kind word.

Not everyone is called to lead. But Jesus invites all of us to follow.

We can stay a step behind. He’ll always be out front. He can handle the spotlight; we just point to him in it.

As our election date barrels closer, let’s pray that whoever wins the presidency will follow God’s path, God’s ways, and God’s heart.

Maybe you aspire to be President one day yourself. I’m glad someone is willing to do it. We need someone to do it. 

But honestly? I thank God it doesn’t have to be me.

Featured Post

Read Pam’s beautiful post on God’s view of “following the leader.” 


Pam’s words took some pressure off me. I hope they will encourage you, too.

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Are you more of a leader or a follower? There’s no shame or no pride in either choice. Share your thoughts in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Would You Want to Be the Next President?
—Grace & Truth Linkup

  1. Michele Morin

    My own high school strategy was to be vice president of every organization I was in, and then I would have a voice in leadership without the headache and visibility. Your post reminded me of those days and made me smile. Not sure I can even find my yearbooks–or that I am brave enough to share them if I could!

  2. Jerralea

    I love the idea of leading while following Jesus!

    Would I want to be president? Politically – no way! Everyone is so cruel to whoever is president. I often wonder who in the world would want to step up, seeing what it has become. I believe in praying for our President (whoever it is). He sure needs the prayers of the people.

    I might want to be president of some organizations – but only if I felt God leading me, because I would definitely need His help.

  3. Laurie

    I would NOT want to be president, especially not in these hostile times. The characteristics you listed as those Jesus calls us to adopt (to be kind, humble, and loving) also describe the characteristics of a good leader.

  4. Donna

    NO, I would not want to be president! In fact I have shied away from leadership my whole life, however the idea of leading while following Jesus, never occurred to me, what do you know, maybe I can lead. Bu definitely not as president!!

  5. Jean Wise

    love these old photos. I tell you I have made a couple of key decisions in my life based on I felt called to lead and wanted to lead. But I would not want to be president!

  6. Lois Flowers

    Lisa, as I read your description of your high school self, it was as if you were describing me! I served as class secretary all four years, and in college, when I was given the opportunity to be the editor of the newspaper, I chose to work in the media affairs office instead. I’ve often wondered if my avoidance of leadership roles was indicative of some kind of weakness or flaw, but maybe God has called me to other things, as you suggest. Here’s to “following where Jesus leads,” no matter what the future holds.

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