5 Links I Love + 1 Second Everyday Video—November 2020

I’m sharing 5 things I love over 5 days this week. Every month I share my list of favorite 5’s.

What are you enjoying this month?

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1 Second Everyday Video 

[If you can’t see the 40-second video, click here]

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5 Links I Love

Who Is Better at Wearing Mask? Women or Men?

Research suggests it’s women. They are better at wearing masks as well as taking other measures to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Random, Granular Tips for Christian Bloggers

If you’re a Christian blogger, you’ll likely find some goodies in this article by Tim Challies, including the advice to ignore most of the rules. “As Christians, our main concern should always be loving others and doing what is beneficial to them.”

One Way to Calm an Anxious Mind: Notice When You’re Doing OK

“When our mind goes into the future, we worry and plan. When our mind goes into the past, we resent and regret. Threads of fear are woven into the mental tapestries of past and future.

“Look again at this thin slice of time that is the present. In this moment, are you basically OK? Are you breathing? Is your heart beating? Is your mind working?”

How to Reach Out in the Time of Covid

We may have to stay physically distant, but we don’t have to stay socially distant. Good tips here, including: 

• Ask for advice
• Never accept the first answer

How Does Your COVID-19 Risk Tolerance Compare to Others?

Take this interactive quiz to see how you handle these situations compared to other people: Going to the movies, taking a flight and eating at an indoor restaurant.

5 thoughts on “5 Links I Love + 1 Second Everyday Video—November 2020

  1. Barbara Harper

    Always love the 1-second-a-day videos. Had to believe your youngest granddaughter is a year old already! It seems so strange seeing short sleeves just a short time ago as we’re having a cold snap this week. I like the tip about noticing when everything is ok. It is more often than not, and I need to remind myself of that.

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