Whatever Happens, We’ll Handle It {Mantra 23}

Here is another mantra that I like to tell myself:

Whatever happens, we’ll handle it.

The “whatever” moments in life are unpredictable. There’s no way to adequately prepare for all the unknowns.

So we build our faith and work on our character and nurture our relationships so whenever the “whatever” hits, we’re as prepared as is possible, even if that preparation only qualifies as barely.

And even if our “handling it” is a barely adequate description of what we’re doing.

“Handling it” doesn’t mean it’s easy for us. Or that it’s not painful. Or that it goes away quickly. 

But it means we can get through one day at a time, maybe one hour at a time. 

And the “we” in “Whatever happens, we’ll handle it“?

Sometimes the “we” may be just God and me.

But rarely does God leave us without human support of some sort, too.

The human “we” may vary from season to season. It may include immediate family or long-term friends or health care workers or spiritual mentors or online support.

But regardless of whoever and whatever they look like, we’ll never be left without resources. I depend on that. 

Whatever happens, we’ll handle it.

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6 thoughts on “Whatever Happens, We’ll Handle It {Mantra 23}

  1. Barbara Harper

    Though I don’t think my husband has said this exact phrase, it kind of sums up his attitude. He has said something like, “Everything is just a problem to be solved.” We seek the Lord in solving it, but we start from where we are, determine the next best step, and go from there. That has helped me when I’ve gone into (or am tempted to go into) panic mode.

    I’m thankful God is with us always and enables to handle whatever He allows in our lives.

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