3 Ways to Use Your Written Words Better

The past twelve months have left us hungry for in-person conversations. We miss hugging each other and laughing together and even the occasional run-in conversations in the church parking lot.

Yes, we can still make phone calls and hear each other’s voices. And yes, we can even see each other on screens and chat. But we still long for more connection.

But until we’re able to resume more normalcy, our words minus our bodies will have to continue pulling double-duty.

Our words are doing some heavy lifting.

If there is ever a moment in our modern era for Christians to use our written words generously, this is the time.

How can we maximize the use of our written words? How can we pack them full of love and meaning?

3 Ways to Maximize Your Written Words_sq

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3 Ways to Maximize Your Written Words

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      I’m so sorry to hear this, Heather! 🙁 The team at Do Not Depart updated a setting last month that they thought could have been causing other users to get that error, but I guess it didn’t fix it on everybody’s end. Ugh.

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