5 Things on Reading and Writing—October 2020

I’m splitting up my five groups of five favorite things this month, sharing one per day. 

5 Reading  

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5 Things on Reading and Writing

1. Nonfiction November Is Almost Here

I did this challenge last year and loved it. Write weekly on your blog or post pictures daily on Instagram with prompts. Get details here.

Blog discussion prompts include:

  • Week 1: (Nov. 2 to Nov. 6) – Your Year in Nonfiction
  • Week 2: (Nov. 9 to 13) – Book Pairing
  • Week 3: (Nov. 16 to 20) – Be The Expert/Ask the Expert/Become the Expert
  • Week 4: (Nov. 23 to 27) – New to My TBR

2. One Word 2021—Too Soon? Nah!

What is your one word for 2020? (Mine is “Linger.”) Are you already thinking about a word for 2021? It’s not too soon!

I’m working on an easy monthly linkup starting in January for anyone interested. I’d appreciate accountability with my word and having a community would help. (So far, my word possibilities are…maybe “Uncertainty” or “Enough”???)

One Word 2021

Details coming next month. 

It’s also not too soon to start thinking about Anita Ojeda’s annual writing challenge for February. Join the #Write28Days group on Facebook to start planning for Feb ’21.

3. Quote Investigator

This is supposedly a reliable way to check the source of a quote. (I didn’t have a lot of luck with it, but maybe you will? I’m not giving up yet.)

4. The Booktrail

When I’m planning a trip, I like to read a novel set in that location. This site is supposed to search for books by their setting. I haven’t used it myself yet (I haven’t been outside Alabama in 6 months!), but it’s good to know it’s available.

5. 4 Books I Recommend

4 Books I Recommend September 2020_Lisanotes

What’s the latest book you recommend? I finished reading these four wonderful books in September:

  • a book about the Bible and spirituality (Love Matters More)
  • how to use the Enneagram to become more like Jesus (The Enneagram for Spiritual Formation)
  • how to talk across our political divides (Beyond Your Bubble)
  • a novel about two generations of two NYPD families (Ask Again, Yes)

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18 thoughts on “5 Things on Reading and Writing—October 2020

  1. Bev Baird

    Looking forward to NF Nov. And I have beeen choosing OLW for several years now. Refire was my word this year but the way the world is right now, not much refiring has been done. I’ve never kept a word longer than a year but am thinking of doing so for 2021. Will look forward to your new linlup for accountability in 2021.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I like the idea of keeping a word for an extra year, Bev. Especially if you feel like you didn’t get to use it much. Since my word this year is “linger” it would really be appropriate to keep it another year. ha. But I think I’ve done enough lingering in 2020 and I’m ready to move on. 😉 I’ll post more about the One Word linkup in the weeks ahead! I’m glad you’re interested.

  2. Barbara Harper

    A few weeks ago, a quote I was searching for popped up in an article by Quote Investigator. Very helpful both to verify that it was said by the person I thought it was, plus to find out more background info.

  3. Bettie G

    Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for these great resources! Just this afternoon, I was looking up a quote, and I could have used your site then! I will save it for the next time, for sure. Wow, I guess it is time to begin praying about next year’s word. The last two years I did find my word in October! And I just finished a wonderful YA fiction called, “The Green Ember,” by S.D. Smith. It is a fantasy with strong themes of courage and coming of age.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Yes, God usually brings me my word around this time too. Some years, even earlier. And some years, he changed it at the last minute. ha. Glad you found a good YA fiction to read. I love reading YA fiction but haven’t in awhile, so I’ll have to see if my library has The Green Ember. Thanks for sharing!

  4. David

    Five fives is a week of joy! 🙂

    During Coronatide I am re-reading a lot of old favourites. I’ve just finished Mason & Dixon (again) and I’m just starting Northanger Abbey (again). I love both authors. Mason & Dixon is very silly but also often beautiful and sad in the way only comedy can be; Northanger Abbey is Austen at her free-est, like reading champagne. I can see myself re-reading through all of Austen. I can also see myself chasing up the couple of Pynchons I still haven’t read.

    Haven’t thought about a word yet (do you have all your Christmas presents wrapped already? ;), but I am planning to start a complete read of the Old Testament in the new year. There’re a few books I haven’t read — I can’t remember which, and I’ve lost track of how it all fits together. So I’m going to start again from the top. I really love Genesis so I might have that as a Christmas treat.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, David. How fun that you’re re-reading old favorites! I need to be more intentional about that. I did start re-listening to the first 2 Harry Potter books over the summer. 🙂 But that likely doesn’t count. I actually haven’t read all of Austen so I still have that to look forward to.

      And no, Christmas presents aren’t even in my brain yet. lol. It’s easier for me to think about words and such than actually buying real life things. 😉 That’s awesome that you’ll read the Old Testament next year. I’ve been on my 2-year plan of reading both the Old and New, but I think I’ve already passed the 2-year-mark already and I’m not finished. It usually turns into a 3-year plan. Hope you and your family are doing well. We are still in crazy world over here; I assume it’s similar for you over there. Take care!

  5. Jean Wise

    Hadn’t even begun thinking of my one word for 2021 but you inspire me to begin to listen and be open. good idea. Also that nonfiction November sounds like fun and right up my alley. Thanks!

  6. Beth

    I will have to look at Quote Investigator. I have a quote that I know who said it but would like to know the context of that one line.

    I am not ready to think of a word for 2021. The closest thing I had for 2020 was Year of Jubilee. I didn’t set a lot of goals. I think that was God preparing me for what would come in 2020.

  7. Lois Flowers

    Yes to the word of the year linkup, Lisa! Just last week I started jotting down some thoughts about my 2020 word (full) and in the middle of all that, next year’s word just slipped into my heart. (Stay tuned!) We’re doing the Whole30 this month, and along with that, I’ve had a goal (which I’ve kept so far) to write every day. Not for publication, just for the habit of it. I hope to continue this next month with a much tighter focus. I’m looking forward to it!

  8. Donna Reidland

    I have been looking ahead to 2021 a little, too, and wondering where this year has gone. It seems it has been sucked into the whole coronavirus vortex. Thanks for the book recommendations and helping us think about our focus for next year.

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