5 Links, Books, and Things I Love—May 2020

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What are you enjoying this month?

1 Second Everyday

[If you can’t see the 1 Second Everyday video, click here]

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5 Things Around the Web

The Reason You’re Exhausted Is ‘Moral Fatigue’

What was once a small decision now feels like it could be life or death.

20 Questions to Ask Instead of “How are you doing right now?”

And how to get a better answer than, “Hanging in there.”

Arguing with Your Partner About Household Chores During COVID-19?

Here are 13 suggestions from Gretchen Rubin to help ease tension in relationships.

Lockdown was supposed to be an introvert’s paradise. It’s not.

“For introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between, is the bizarre feeling of being socially overwhelmed despite the fact that we’re staying as far away from each other as we can.”

Meet the Illustrators Who Gave the Coronavirus Its Face

Here’s an interesting backstory about the little red coronavirus illustration we’re all VERY familiar with by now.

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5 Memes

More funny memes. We all need to laugh more, right?

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5 Things with Words and Books

8 Pandemic Words & Phrases People Absolutely Never Want To Hear Again

What words are you tired of hearing? This list includes: new normal, social distancing, and trying times.

A Side Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic? Reading Got a Lot Harder

Yes! These university students—and their professor—have trouble focusing on their reading. 

7 Digital Libraries You Can Visit from Your Couch

I haven’t visited these yet (my library’s digital collection is more than enough for me), but it’s good to know these are available.

How Reading Books Helps Your Brain Recharge

Find a good book you love and recharge.

4 Books I Recommend

Reading was hard the first half of April (see above article). But it’s getting easier again each week.  

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5 Things I Love

The Grands

We made a day trip in April to see the grandbabies. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Our youngest granddaughter has started sitting up and our oldest is talking in paragraphs. Jenna took the best photos, so they will sustain me for a little while.

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5 Things on the Blog

When You Need to Stay Where You Resist Being

Even when it may be easier to run away, sometimes we need to stay. With our pain. With God. With love. Excerpts from Stay by Anjuli Paschall.

Will Life Go Back to Normal?

Will things ever go back to normal? Probably not. But hopefully, some things will be better, if we learn our lessons right.

Just One at a Time

Keep reaching out, one at a time. Isolation will end; relationships won’t.

Is It Okay to Do Nothing?

It’s okay to do nothing sometimes. If we lose touch with our being, our doing is wasted. Just be. See what happens.

Congratulate Yourself – Thanks for How You’re Helping

Congratulate yourself. There are a lot of ways to help people through this crisis. Don’t underestimate your way.

What sustained you in April? What are you looking forward to in May? Please share in the comments.

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23 thoughts on “5 Links, Books, and Things I Love—May 2020

  1. Laurie

    Thank you for linking the “20 Questions”. I am in need of some new ideas. 🙂 My plan for the day is to go searching out some TP. I hope I can get more than a “dime bag”! And, oh those adorable grandbabies!!! Beautiful pictures. I bet it was tough to leave.

  2. Michele Morin

    We also (finally) broke down and spent some time with the grands.
    What a gift!
    And our #3 grandchild was born and is thriving all the way out in Colorado. The plan is to fly out at the end of May, but it’s going to cost us a 2 week quarantine when we return home….

  3. Elena Wiggins

    I really like the intentional questions in that article with 20 questions re: coping with the the current season. I want to try to answer them myself and ask friends some of them rather than the generic, how have you been doing? Your grandkids are so adorable! Those are sweet photos! And those memes were awesome!!

  4. Carolyn Seymour Thomas

    I enjoyed so much here, Lisa! *Gorgeous* grandbaby photos of all of you. Those memes gave me some much-needed laughs, and the MIT article hit the Zoom nail on the head. I’ve been thinking so many similar thoughts about all these video commitments lately (my kids even have to do a DANCE RECITAL over the computer!). I’ve reached my limit–and it’s good to read that I’m not alone in that perspective.

  5. Martha J Orlando

    So, so glad you got to spend time with those adorable grands, Lisa! Am I jealous? You bet! 🙂 But I’m so happy for you and your husband.
    Thanks, too, for all the funny memes – yes, we all need a good laugh each and every day.

  6. Beth Steffaniak

    I love the title of that 20 question article. I’ll have to check it out, Lisa! And your granddaughters are soooo stinkin’ (my Tennessee husband’s favorite word) cute!! Thanks for sharing their cuteness and all of these other goodies too, my friend!

  7. bill (cycleguy)

    What sustained me in April? Well, I did get to ride my bike. For the most part the weather was conducive to riding. I logged some good miles. Second, I read a lot. Third, I started doing “Drive-bys.” I drive into someone’s driveway (from the church) and pray for them. I then let them know I am there if they want to stick their head out and say hi or I leave a note on their door. May is continuing much of the same.

  8. Barbara Harper

    I love the memes. And I am so glad you got to see your grandgirls. What great photos! I agree about quarantine not being the introvert haven I thought it was going to be. I don’t know if I’d like the 20 questions. My inward response would likely be, “Oh, please, don’t make me think hard.” Ha! 🙂

  9. Joanne

    That first meme! Oh that made me laugh; I think that is definitely me. I am feeling a bit more upbeat and making myself do more around the house than just bake and eat but that is a riot. All those photos of your grandbabies are just beautiful.

  10. BettieG

    Oh what precious photos with your grandgirls! Yes, that will surely hold you over for a few little bits. I’m so thankful that when we look up, our Lord will send us ways to keep holding on and trusting Him through these days. Blessings to you for this coming month of May, dear sister!

  11. Kate Holmes

    Lots of things to think about there and a beautiful image with your grands. I am not able to return to my children until lockdown is over so I hope as many people as possible stick by the social distancing that will help this to happen sooner #AnythingGoes

  12. Trudy

    I love the adorable pics of your grandkids and you and your family, Lisa. I know what you mean about not being able to take it anymore. We started visiting our kids that live close by if it’s a nice day. We sit outside and keep our distance. When we stopped by our son and family, our 12-year-old grandson started hurrying to hug me and then screeched to a stop. I told him I have to restrain myself, too. Then his 11-year-old sister said, “It’s not that we don’t want to…” So we touch elbows and wave sign language I love yous. Then when we went to our daughter and husband, we were delighted to see our granddaughter and her three little ones were there, too. Our three-year-old grandson wanted help in pulling his chair closer to mine and then all of a sudden he was sitting in my lap. How could I resist that?! Our granddaughter said he’s having a hard time with all this. He can’t understand why they can’t go some places and he can’t get groceries with Mommy anymore. And I couldn’t resist holding and feeding our great granddaughter, too. Sometimes our emotional health needs it, right, friend? Love and blessings to you!

  13. Anita Ojeda

    I adore your list posts, but I especially adore the photos of your granddaughters! How utterly adorable. I can’t wait to see our grandson—he’s starting to tell knock-knock jokes ?.

  14. Joanne Viola

    The memes made me laugh this morning! And the photos of your grands … they are just precious! I will return later to visit some of the other links. For now … going to wash up to head out to get some masks for my parents as they are now mandatory and not just in stores any longer.

  15. Karen Friday

    Love this one, Lisa. All the humorous memes during Covid19 make me smile or laugh. Your photos of the girls are precious…they are adorable. And great articles, especially the illustrators who gave a face to the virus. Good stuff.

  16. Jerralea

    Such a wealth of things to look at in this post! As always I love your one-second videos. The memes made me laugh (esp. the TP one), and your granddaughters are adorable!

    I’ll have to come back to read all the links, but it looks like I’m not the only introvert who has not been able to accomplish what I thought I would! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Lois Flowers

    Your granddaughters get more adorable with every picture, Lisa. 🙂 I always enjoy your 1-second-a-day videos and the memes were a nice break too. I was just talking with a friend yesterday about how helpful memes have been during this whole quarantine. Who would have thought? Hugs, friend.

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