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Uncomfortable with Uncertainty

We haven’t canceled yet.

Our reservation is still on for June. But building sandcastles on Panama City Beach and playing in the Gulf waters with our kids and grandkids seems very iffy.

I realize, even in the best of times, we can’t accurately predict next month. People get sick. Work crunches happen. Unexpected scenarios pop up.

We learn to live with a little uncertainty.

But the uncertainty of these times? It’s maxed out. We can’t even predict when we’ll see pork chops at the grocery store again, not to mention who might catch the coronavirus and be quarantined, or worse, for two weeks.

I don’t like it. Uncertainty makes me anxious.

“Intolerance of uncertainty is the most important element in worry.” Yes, Robert Leahy, I agree.

So to calm my worries, I’m reminding myself more and more these days:

I don’t know, but God does.
I don’t know, but God does.
I don’t know, but God does.

I can’t demand certainty from anything in this life. God—as love and as goodness—is the only unchangeable thing I know.

Everything else? It’s subject to change, and mostly out of my control.

Whether we make footprints on the hot sand next month beside baby and toddler feet, or whether Jeff and I just take another lap around the neighborhood, alone, on a sticky Alabama evening, is unpredictable.

I just don’t know that. But God does.

That’s what I do know.

Our Featured Post

Our featured post this month is by Karen Del Tatto.

How to Trust God in Times of Uncertainty

Karen gives us great advice, looking at what the Bible says about the future and showing us how to have faith in uncertain times.

“We may live in uncertain times, but for those who are in Christ Jesus, our future is certain and secure. If we can trust God with our eternal future, we can certainly trust Him with our lives here on earth.”

Read it all here. 

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7 thoughts on “So, What DO You Know?—Grace & Truth Link-Up

  1. Trudy

    “God—as love and as goodness—is the only unchangeable thing I know.” Thank you for pointing out this comforting truth, Lisa! We certainly need it! I’m so sorry about the uncertainty of the vacation, my friend. Our daughter and her husband had a Florida vacation planned, too, with their two youngest, but she had to cancel it. Our son-in-law works for the Air Guard and he is forbidden to travel more than 50 miles until the end of June. And that date may extend. 🙁 Love and blessings of clinging to our unchangeable God!

  2. Barbara Harper

    I’m not comfortable with uncertainty, either. Thank you for sharing Karen’s post. Even though we know, on one level, that God has everything under control, we need to be reminded of it in everyday circumstances. He’s not just in control out there, but right here.

  3. BettieG

    Yes, it does seem that instead of becoming less uncertain, every day there are new uncertainties thrown into the mix! I am so thankful for God’s Word to us, reminding us how trustworthy and faithful He is. Thank you for the encouragement you bring here, Lisa. And thanks for pointing us to Karen’s post on these great thoughts too.

  4. Laurie

    Uncertainty makes me anxious too, Lisa. We are supposed to fly out to Oregon next month to visit our son out there. We haven’t canceled yet either. Who knows what next month will bring? God does. Thanks for the reminder!

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