5 Links, Books, and Things I Love – March 2019

Every month I share my list of Favorite 5’s.

  • 5 interesting things online
  • 5 word-related articles
  • 5 pictures of things I love (and yes, at least one will be my granddaughter)
  • 5 favorite blog posts this month

Do you have a favorite thing about March?

Links, Books, and Things I Love March 2019

1 Second Everyday

[If you can’t see the 1 Second Everyday video, click here]

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5 Things Around the Web

1. How Has Your Hope in God Changed You?
by Matt McCullough

Does hope distinguish a believer from a non-believer? Here are three ways it might.

2. A World Built for Men – Deadly for Women?  
by Caroline Criado-Perez

I often discover the world is designed for people taller than me. But is it also dangerous, not just inconvenient?

3. The Benefits of Living Near Grandma
by Jonathan Lambert

I wish I lived closer to my grandbaby. But we do what we can.

4. Why 5:30 Is the Ultimate Dining Time
by Khushbu Shah

What time do you eat supper? 6:00 is our norm. But my mom always had a full supper cooked and on the table at 5:00 or 5:30 growing up. I didn’t know to appreciate having someone else prepare all my meals.

5. Wash Your Hands?

Wouldn’t this be helpful?

Washed Hands Meme

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5 Things with Books and Words

1. Do Grammar Mistakes Annoy You?
by Jenn Granneman

You might be an introvert. Your temperament might fuel a dislike of typos and grammar errors.

2. How to Read 80ish Books a Year (and Actually Remember Them)
by Clay Skipper

Plus how to take better notes and why you should quit bad books (I’m getting better at this!).

3. To All the Books I’ll Never Read
by Cass Watson

It’s sad to think about. But there are so many books on my to-read list that I’ll never get to read before I die.

4. Why America Needs to Start Saying Y’all
by Greg Garrison

The linguist says so, y’all. (I already know how wonderfully useful “y’all” is.)

5. 7 Books of Hope I Recommend

Here are 6 non-fiction books and 2 novel I recommend from my readings last month. They each brought me hope along the way.

7 Books of Hope February 2019

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5 Pictures of Things I Love

1. Outpouring of Love to Alabama

Tornadoes hit our state hard again last Sunday. At last count, 23 people have already died. This time it was south of where I live, but closer to where my oldest daughter lives.

People from all around have been helping in person and sending supplies and donations. We truly are a nation of givers. I’m so grateful. We hope to travel to Lee County tomorrow to work with our disaster response group, PAR. So many are ready to put boots on the ground to help.

My son-in-law’s extended family took a lot of damage, but no loss of life (story below).

Alabama Tornadoes

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2. Watching Jeff in Action

I love seeing my sweet husband getting to do things he loves. And he loves welcoming people to church as they drive up, helping struggling young moms carry their kids into the building, and guiding visitors who aren’t sure where to go.

 Parking Rock

~ * ~

3. Nothing Sweeter than New Life

We’re adding new nieces and nephews to our family every few months it seems. This is my latest great-nephew at one-day-old. He’s so beautiful!

~ * ~

4. Bad Taste in Your Mouth


Our grandbaby is finally willing to put food with texture into her mouth (although she still doesn’t want to swallow it). But she doesn’t always like what she tastes. She was fine with the chip, but not with the green beans.

~ * ~

5. I Like My New Role

Yep, I won’t be the one to force her to eat green beans when she makes that face. That’s the mother’s job. Whew.

Mom as Grandmom

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5 Things on the Blog

1. 4 Places to Look for Hope

It matters where you look for hope. It determines what you see. Here are four places to look.

2. Opt for Hope – The Promises of God

See these promises of God. And opt for hope. God’s promises come from his character. And his character is Love.

Here’s a printable.

God promises

3. 4 Ways to Express Your Hope

When you feel too cynical or things seem hopeless, that’s the best time to practice your hope. Here are 4 ways.

4. Hold Hope for One at a Time

When we can’t hold hope for all, can we at least hold hope for one?

5. Hope Is a Verb. Practice It. {28 Day Series}

This is the index for 28 days of articles on hope. Don’t just try to keep your hopes up. Practice hope as a spiritual discipline.

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What was a highlight from your February? What do you have planned for March? Please share in the comments.

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19 thoughts on “5 Links, Books, and Things I Love – March 2019

  1. Lisa Murray

    Lots of wonderful highlights and suggestions! I can’t wait to check some out. The highlight of my February reading “The Road Back To You,” and getting to see a big band performance with my parents! (love your sweet grand baby’s face!!!) Blessings, Lisa

  2. David

    I enjoyed your Hope posts through February. That “introvert annoyed by typos” paper is funny. The only personality trait to have a main effect was Agreeability, but introverts seem to hate typos much more than they hate “grammo”s. My (then future) wife complained about a misplaced apostrophe in one of my love letters. That’s when I knew it would be ok.

  3. Lynn

    Lots of wonderful sharing here! I’ll need to come back! I’ll be praying for those effected by the tornados in your area. And yes, God’s love can shine bright from communities coming together when troubles hit. There is still so much hope for love and kindness in the world, isn’t there?

  4. Jennifer

    I really enjoyed this post…so much good information! And that newborn.. and your grandbaby…are too precious!! I think I make that face every time I just think of eating a tomato!!:)

  5. nylse

    I will be a grandma in 2 months and I can’t wait. I like this wrapup post though I don’t do such a post. February went way too fast and now we’re in March and it feels like I’m juggling so much. This feeling reminds me to stop and take stock, so I’m doing that often.
    Stopping by from a linkup.

  6. floyd

    Big month! Love the video! I’m not much on math, but I think the count of the little apple of your eye was way more than one!!!

    She’s so cute! Love that sour face!

    Good work… Y’all!

  7. Barbara Harper

    Love your granddaughter’s face when tasting the green beans! (We had that same high chair cover!)

    We usually ate around 6:30 because that’s about when my husband got home (it could vary from 5 to 7). Now that he is working from home most days, I sometimes start earlier. I kind of like having a longer afternoon to get things done in when dinner is later, but having an earlier dinner makes for a longer evening, so I guess it’s fine either way.

    I saw a couple of cardiac signs in your video – hope all is well with your family.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, Barbara. Our dear friend Stan has been in the cardiac unit off and on since January, and permanently since February. His prognosis is grim, barring a miracle from the Lord. 🙁 We continue to pray for the best, whatever that is, because it’s so hard seeing him like this. Thankfully the hospital is only 30 minutes away so we’re able to visit often. Even though Stan may not be aware of it, we are.

  8. Mother of 3

    Oh my goodness; your granddaughters face is just precious! So many wonderful favorites. Thanks for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

  9. Linda S

    oh, so many wonderful things! I love your collection of blessings, likes, links.
    Stopping by from the Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop – have a blessed weekend!

  10. Christin

    I just love your 1-minute videos Lisa! Praise God that you and your family have been safe from the tornadoes, and I am glad others are so willing to help in a time of such need. Blessings to you!

  11. Trudy

    So many interesting goodies again, Lisa. Thank you! In the 1 second everyday video, it showed the cardiac unit. I hope you and your hubby are ok? Did that friend of yours recover? I’m sure glad your SIL’s family made it safely through the tornado. And your granddaughter? Always so adorable! I love being a grandma, too. 🙂 Love and blessings to you!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I appreciate your concern, Trudy! Jeff and I are fine, but my friend is still fighting for his life since the beginning of January. 🙁 I think I know almost every nurse and doctor in ICU now from all our visits there. They have been so caring as well as professional. I’ve always admired those who can do that work, but even more so now. Hope you’re well!

      1. Trudy

        I’m so sorry your friend is still fighting for his life, Lisa. I was hoping he was recovered by now. That must be so hard. I’m glad there are caring nurses and doctors. That helps a lot. May God give strength to each of you and health to your friend!

  12. Tammy L Kennington

    I loved this post! I laughed aloud at some portions of your list (i.e. the refrigerator image and your granddaughter’s expression of distaste for green beans) and was moved by others–especially the clip about the tornado.

    I’m just trying to make it through school conferences, field trips, and state testing. May seems a long way off! 🙂


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