When God’s Plan Isn’t Our Plan

The plan was to work in Beauregard, Alabama, beginning last Thursday. Devastating tornadoes wiped out a community there four days earlier. Our group was prepared to volunteer all weekend, cutting trees, clearing yards, and praying with the hurting.

But instead we ended up in Columbus, Georgia.

What do we do when God changes the plan?

When the Opposite Happens

Even though Paul had been forewarned he would stand before Caesar (Acts 27:24), he also knew he was to open the eyes of unbelievers to see the light of Jesus (Acts 26:16-18).

So when he found himself shackled in Rome, he might have wondered: Is this really the plan?

We often ask ourselves that.

And we ask God as well.

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When the Opposite Happens

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Do you find it easy or hard to release your own plans when God surprises you with a different plan?

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