3 Things to Do with Your Stuff

Is your garage too full to park a car there? Is there no empty room in your closet? Are there no blank spaces on your calendar?

For most of us, we’re full to overflowing. With stuff. With busyness.

What would Jesus have us do with our stuff?

Why do we have so much stuff

If you’re riding the Marie Kondo wave, you’ve likely pared down your wardrobe lately or donated a few underused toys.

But how can we avoid the clutter to start with?

As we walk 40 days with the Storyteller during Lent, our first three readings this week reveal our cluttered hearts.

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Why Do You Have So Much Stuff?

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We’re looking at the stories of Jesus as we spend #40DaysWithTheStoryteller at Do Not Depart. Today’s readings focus on parables in Luke 12.

Will you join me there? 


6 thoughts on “3 Things to Do with Your Stuff

  1. Laurie

    So. Much. Stuff. Hubby and I are in the process of getting ready to downsize. It feels good to declutter, especially our basement. Luckily, we have a church thrift store (appropriately named Matthew 25) we can donate to.

  2. Stacey Pardoe

    Oh the stuff….I’m living this out with both girl and boy wardrobes size newborn to 14 in my basement! I’m reminded that sometimes managing it all is hardly worth the money saved by holding onto it…Love this post, Lisa!

  3. betty - NZ

    Great post and advice! I have had circumstances where I realize that ‘stuff’ is just ‘stuff’. But whenever there’s a time where I want to get rid of stuff, I do make an effort to put it to the best use.

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