4 Places to Look for Hope

On my final post for this Practicing Hope series, I want to summarize 4 places to look for hope. In such few words, it capsulizes everything I’ve been trying to say.

It matters where you look for hope. It determines what you see.

These four directions are from the book, Mere Hope, by Jason Duesing. You can read more from his book here.

4 Places to Look for Hope

Where should you look for hope?

1. Look down

Look down to find the foundation of hope. Find the good news of the gospel as its base.

2. Look in

Look in to find the fountain of hope, Jesus Christ. He is the living hope that resides inside us.

3. Look out

Look out and see the flourishing of hope. Share it locally; share it globally.

4. Look up

Look up to focus on the truth of hope. Be reminded of our future.

* * *

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