5 Links, Books, and Things I Love – August 2019

Every month I share my list of favorite 5’s.

5 Things I Love August 2019

  • 5 interesting things online
  • 5 articles about words, books, or podcasts
  • 5 pictures of things I love
  • 5 blog posts from the month

What are you enjoying this month?

1 Second Everyday

[If you can’t see the 1 Second Everyday video, click here]

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5 Things Around the Web

• The Mistake I Made with My Grieving Friend

Here are some ways to help—and not help—a friend with loss. Hint: Don’t top their story with your own. Avoid being a conversational narcissist.

Things Not to Say at the Start of Your Service

Although good-intentioned, these introductory cliches aren’t always helpful to a congregation’s worship.

• 6 Secrets from the Top Marriage Researcher

“69% of a couple’s ongoing problems never get resolved.” Yikes. That’s a heavy stat. The advice here is worth reading to better deal with unresolved problems we all carry in our relationships.

5 Things People with Tidy Homes Don’t Do

If you prefer uncluttered spaces (me! me!), these tips are worth implementing. (Then again, if you have a low tolerance for disorder, you may already be doing these!)

FB Aging App

Did you make yourself look older on FB with the latest app? This makes me laugh.

aging app

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5 Things with Words and Books

We Don’t Really Own Our Ebooks?

We think we own our ebooks. Some we do; others, no. Some of our digital purchases could just disappear off our readers if so decided one day. This is somewhat disturbing. “We call DRM [digital rights management] media and devices defective by design, or broken from the beginning. There’s self-destruction built into the whole concept.”

What Is the Aim of Christian Writing?

How do you evaluate if you’re writing for God’s glory? Some questions: Am I writing out of love for the readers or out of ego? Is this truth or ear-tickling? Is it helpful or just clever?

How to Find Time to Read

Tips like these pop up regularly, but I still read them. And I usually pick up something helpful. I like the categories of books listed here (such as having a Wait Time Book, a Quiet Time Book, etc.).

The Words People Google

Did you watch the Democratic debates last week? Here are the most googled words after the debates were over. It’s an interesting list.

 7 Books I Recommend

Here are 7 favorite books I recommend from what I finished reading in July.

7 Books I Recommend July 2019_fb

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5 Pictures of Things I Love

• Tea Cake Tradition

The granddaughters decorate Mama Jo’s tea cakes as part of the Burgess July 4 tradition every year. This year Jenna had to go solo for most of the decorating. The tradition lives on for another year.


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 First Home for a Friend

We had fun celebrating with a young 20-something friend who bought her first home in July (even though she’s not in the picture).

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• Our Latest Book Club

We finished Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies in our book club this spring (I highly recommend it). Two weeks ago we began our latest book, The Art of Living: Peace and Freedom in the Here and Now by Thich Nhat Hahn, being read here by my handsome great-nephew. We’re glad to have his input at our monthly meetings.

book club

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• All My Girls

While off for the summer, Jenna was able to travel with me to Morgan’s house several times. I love having all my girls together any time I can get it.

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• And One More Grandbaby Pic

We have lots of fun together. She’s going to be a country girl for sure.

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5 Favorites from the Blog

Get to the Point

She can’t say my name. But I know she loves me. Get to the point. Love is the point.

•  Don’t Jump to Conclusions; Jump to Grace

Because our outsides looked different and sounded different, I assumed we were from different places. But not so. Look closer.

•  Are You Available?

How tight is your schedule? Are you available when God calls?

• 7.5 Reasons to Celebrate Introverts

As an introvert, I’m not one to get the party started. But here are 7.5 reasons why we can celebrate introverts.

•  Are You Too Sensitive?

If other people tend to drain you or they think you’re too sensitive, you might be an empath.

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What was a highlight from your July? What do you have planned for August? Please share in the comments.

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16 thoughts on “5 Links, Books, and Things I Love – August 2019

  1. Michele Morin

    Don’t you just love having all your people together?
    What a gift!
    And I’m leading my first ever book club this summer, and it’s been great. We’re all encouraged by our meetings, and are getting so much good from the book. (Sensible Shoes by Sharon Garlough Brown)

  2. Pam Ecrement

    Hi Lisa!

    I always enjoy this monthly feature and your video clip. Your granddaughter is adorable!

    Highlight for July was a very busy 2 weeks of traveling 10 days in 2 different directions – 5 days to TN to visit our son after shoulder surgery and home 2 days and 5 days to MD to celebrate our daughter’s 50th birthday. Also had a beautiful evening (Christmas year of Dates for my hubby) with friends at Blossom Music Center featuring the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra and a great classical/jazz pianist. This venue is outdoors and lovely. Highlights of the night were Rhapsody in Blue, On the Waterfront, Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite, and the 1812 Overture.

    Summer reading has included several Lisa Wingate series, Mark Levin’s book, Unfreedom of the Press, and C.S. Lewis’s Weight of Glory. Additionally, I am wading through a 700 page commentary on Exodus that is terrific to prepare for a workshop I will attend in November.

    Big anticipation for August? Going to MD where we will connect with friends from VA for lunch before reaching our daughter’s home. Hubby will hang with the 2 youngest grands (14 and 16) while I fly with our daughter to see her oldest and our oldest grandson for his “White Coat Ceremony and Hypocratic Oath” at Moransi Select Medical Program at the University of South Florida in Tampa. We are so excited for this young man!!

  3. Martha J Orlando

    July was fun month for us, Lisa, as it certainly looks like it was for you, too. Virginia had a blast at Performing Arts Camp at our church, and Danny and I visited with my mother in celebration of her 91st birthday. Other than those two highlights, it was a great month for reading, resting and relaxing.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  4. Jana

    I love posts like this! Thanks for sharing glimpses of your life with us. And thanks for sharing interesting links and book suggestions! (It seems my hobby is adding to my list of books to read rather than actually reading them these days!)

  5. Barbara Harper

    We have that green tractor! We bought it when my youngest was little–I think his brothers’ previous riding toys didn’t last. Timothy uses it now and pretends it’s a riding lawnmower. 🙂

    I’ve seen that article about the grieving friend. I’ve done that, too, thinking I was showing empathy and understanding. But I do see it’s turning the conversation away and not really hearing them out.

    Funny meme about the aging app! Your granddaughter is so cute!

  6. Laurie

    Those photos of you with your granddaughter and all of your girls together are just precious! You have a beautiful family. I think I might try to get my book club to read the Thich Nhat Hahn book. Thank you for the recommendation.

  7. Patsy Burnette

    I love this Lisa! Especially the 5 Things People With Tidy Homes Don’t Do. That’s me! I hate clutter!

    And that age app thing I did it too! So depressing!!! But what was SUPER DEPRESSING and eye-opening is that one of my kids did it and it was SO realistic. It was almost super creepy because I could so totally see him looking like that at 80. And then. . . I realized I won’t be around to know him then. 🙁 I cried for like an entire day! Seriously! I guess I’d never thought of that before. We will most likely never know our kids when they are old people. I think I’ll just go now and have another good cry. BRB.

    Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

  8. Bethany

    So much cuteness and joy! And helpful info and recommendations as always! I didn’t realize the e-book “owning” discrepancy. Huh. Thanks, Lisa! Happy August!

  9. Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Love the pic of you and your little “country girl” on her John Deere tractor!! I figured I was an empath before reading the book, but now I KNOW for sure. I shared some snippets with my husband so that he can understand why I have the ability to cry at commercials lol. It can be draining at times. Heading to the beach at the end of the month and looking forward to some beach reading – one of my favorites is historical fiction. I do always appreciate your recommendations!
    Bev xx

  10. bluecottonmemory

    Sometimes I just miss records and record players because you know it’s going to be there – unless you give it away. – The video, the time with all your girls – what blessings you are vintaging! I love it when the grands come! It’s like someone threw pixie dust all over the house! Looking forward to see what you vintage from God’s blessings for August!

  11. nylse

    My July highlight – spending time with my granddaughter and their family. Trying to make some professional changes but it’s going so slowly. Recently inspired again by Maya Angelou and Toni Morrisson, since I watched Maya’s documentary on Netflix on the day Toni Morrisson died. Any black girl who has writing in their blood has probably read their works. (I’ve digressed, sorry!)
    Reading these posts gives me a little insight into your brain, which I love.

    Stopping by from a linkup.

  12. floyd

    What a month… and it’s hot there too!

    Your grand baby is beautiful!!! And she’s gonna talk like her grandma!!

    But frogs? Don’t they cause warts? Or is that an old wives tale?

    Good month sister. I’ll work on being less sensitive… ?

  13. Karen Friday

    Lisa, love everything about this post. Read the articles on marriage and the tidy house…what can I say, I’m a neat freak living with messy people. 🙂 And your little country girl on a John Deere, I think! Good stuff here! Thanks!

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