Get to the Point

Love is the point

What Are You Asking?

Am I asking the wrong question?

She wants to see my Kindle. I turn it on and click to the children’s book I downloaded from the library, Baby Farm Animals.

We get to this page. And I ask my 1-yr-old granddaughter: What are these?

Baby Farm Animals kindle

Her answer is always the same. She doesn’t reply: Cats. Or even kittens.

She always answers: Meow-meow. Maybe it’s because she knows what my next question would be anyway:

Q: And what does the cat say?
A: Meow-meow.

So she cuts to the chase.

Get to the Point

As an introvert, I like when people cut to the chase. I don’t always appreciate small talk. I prefer a quick journey straight to the point rather than waste time meandering in spirals.

And what is the point?

Ultimately, isn’t it love? We all want to be loved. And we all want someone to love.

God started it. He loves first. When we’re touched by his love, we love back.

Even when we don’t recognize it’s coming from him, we know when we are being loved.

  • Love is when someone chooses to spend time with us.
  • Or gives us something we need. Maybe a physical gift; maybe a hug.
  • Or speaks uplifting words we long to hear.

Love is the Point

I point to myself and ask my granddaughter: Who am I? What’s my name?

She has yet to give the technically correct answer of “Granna,” my self-appointed grandmother name.

But I’m fine with that. Maybe she’s cutting to the chase by giving me hugs. She blows me kisses. She’s excited when she wakes up from a nap and discovers I’m still around.

We’re both getting the point: I love her and she loves me. Whether or not she can yet say my name.

Life is too short to miss the point.

  • Be direct.
  • Gather love around you every day.
  • Speak love lavishly to those you know.

Love is the point.

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.”
1 John 4:7

* * *

What’s your love language? How do you show love to others? Please share in the comments.

23 thoughts on “Get to the Point

  1. Linda Stoll

    I do so love your self-appointed Granna name …

    I think of our recent visit with our soon to be 16 year old granddaughter and realize, yet again, how quickly the years fly by.

    Savor every cherished minute. That’s what we do, don’t we …

  2. Laurie

    I love “Granna”! You are so right about getting to the point. I am not necessarily an introvert, but I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. My friends tell me I cut to the chase (maybe because I am impatient?). Love is always the point and grandparents and grandchildren know that. 🙂

  3. Lisa

    I’m a cut to the chase kind of girl too. I love “Granna”. I hope to be a grandma one day and I often think what I will want to be called. My daughter calls her grandmother “Maw”. I guess she cuts to the chase too. haha.
    Have a great week and thanks for visiting my blog today.

  4. Barbara Harper

    I like to cut to the chase, too, and prefer for other people to do the same. My love language is acts of service. When someone does something for me without being asked, that makes me feel they’re especially thinking of me and wanting to please me.

    I guess that might be one reason why, when I used to visit my m-i-l in assisted living, I enjoyed it more when I could do something useful for her – clean up a little bit, fix something, ask the office for something she needed. But puttering around her room doing things stressed her out (so my husband did that while I took her in the bathroom and curled her hair. 🙂 Then she didn’t notice.) What she needed most at that time was for someone to just sit down and be with her and visit – which was hardest for me. But I needed to seek grace to love according to her love language and not mine.

  5. Katie

    Lisa, I love “Granna” too!
    My MIL is called Gramma by her grands.
    My mom is called Gigi by her grands.
    Our grands call us Nana & Papa.
    We’ve heard that usually what the first grandchild calls a grandparent is what seems to stick.
    Whatever we’re called, I agree – LOVE is the point!

  6. Cathy Kennedy


    Hugs…definitely hugs is my way to show others that I love them. 🙂 Children are super sweet and other than God’s love, there is no finer love then that of child. Oh yeah, mustn’t forget DH. His love is awesome, too. 🙂

  7. Alice V Walters

    Lisa, this is wonderful! My receptive love languages tend to be words and gifts, and God generously provides both, whether the ones I love do or not. Thanks for sharing this sweet recollection about your granddaughter!

  8. Yvonne Chase

    Cut to the chase. No small talk for me or flattery. Love is the point. My love language is physical touch followed by quality time. Nothing better than spending time with others; talking, sharing our hearts and or a meal.

  9. Karen Friday

    Lisa, I love this analogy of getting to the point. I’m a chatter box and I like to tell a story with all the details…nothing at all left out. So my husband, being a man of few words like most men, sometimes asks me to get to the point…the bottom line. Ha ha! I celebrate that the point is love and in that case let’s be direct!

  10. Jeanne Takenaka

    Oh, Lisa. I love this post. And in this day, this week, when one of my teens and I keep facing off, I need to remember that love is the main point. I’m taking this thought with me into the rest of this day.

  11. nylse

    I can’t wait until my granddaughter can call me by my appointed name in the meantime, I’m enjoying being a grandma. Sometimes we take the circuitous route but in conversation and life, I like to know what the point is, and get there as quickly as possible. It doesn’t always work that way though.

    Stopping by from a linkup.

  12. Lesley

    I love these lessons from your granddaughter! I prefer it when people cut to the chase too, and it’s so important to remember that love is always the point!

  13. Patsy Burnette

    Lisa, time is love! There is nothing I want, nothing I need, but I love spending time with the people I love. Beautiful post! Made me smile.


    Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

  14. Bev @ Walking Well With God

    I have to chuckle because so many times I will be telling my husband something and, perhaps as a writer, I like to give a little background first. His response is usually something like, “Could you cut to the chase…get to the point…give me the bottom line?” I love the visual I have of you asking your precious grandbaby, “What is my name?” And, she answers (to the point) with a hug. We can learn a lot about “less filler and more love” from these babes! Great post!
    Bev xx

  15. floyd

    Nice! Love IS the point!

    In the end that does sum up all of creation. He created us to love us and being made in His image is how we find joy in loving others, especially the ones He’s blessed our family with.

    For now my name is Pah-pah… the little one is turning it into Ampah. Fun to see what it ends up. Small, but awesome gifts…

  16. Jean Wise

    This post warms my heart and makes me smile. One because of the granddaughter moment – so precious and secondly because you and I are so alike. I hate small talk. Let’s get this decided and move forward. My hubby lately is pointing out when I am too abrupt – mmmm, need to watch for that. lesson learned. Thanks for making my day!

  17. Ashley

    I know you’ll be surprised, but my love language is quality time. Haha. I would hope to show love to others by learning what they like. That usually involves listening well to them.

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