Your First Impression of the Enneagram and Week 1 in Summary {Enneagram Series #8}

When did you first hear about the Enneagram? What was your first impression?

Here’s a funny meme from Instagram on Enneagramandcoffee about each type’s first reaction to the Enneagram. Does it fit you?

Your First Impression of the Enneagram_Enneagramandcoffee

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Below is a short recap of the Enneagram articles from this week.

Summary Enneagram Week 1

Summary of the Week

If you want to learn more about the Enneagram, see these five articles from week 1 in our series, “The Enneagram for Spiritual Growth: 20 Ways to Practice the Enneagram.”

What Are the 9 Enneagram Types? Plus 9 Fears and Desires {Day 3}

Enneagram_9 types

Spiritual Practice #1—Find God by paying attention to people.

Discover the nine Enneagram types with their core fears and desires. The Enneagram is about WHY you do what you do, not just WHAT you do.

3 Ways to Find YOUR Enneagram Number + 9 Healing Attitudes to Accept It {Day 4}

Find Enneagram Number

Spiritual Practice #2—Examine your heart with 9 healing attitudes.

What’s your Enneagram type? Here are three ways to find your enneagram number. And one way NOT to.

5 Enneagram Tests to Determine Your Type {Day 5}

5 Enneagram Tests

Spiritual Practice #3—Test yourself and your core longings.

Take an Enneagram test to help determine your type. A test may at least rule out what your number is not. Here are links to five tests.

Who Has Your Enneagram Number? Numbers of Famous People and People in the Bible {Day 6}

Famous People Enneagram Numbers

Spiritual Practice #4—Connect with people in the Bible.

What are the Enneagram numbers of famous people and people in the Bible? Here are guesses. See who has your Enneagram number to help find your own.

Where Did the Enneagram Come From? What Does the Symbol Mean? {Day 7}


Spiritual Practice #5—Draw your spiritual family tree.

Where did the Enneagram come from anyway? What are its origins? What does the symbol mean? It’s not as crazy as it looks.

What was your first impression of the Enneagram? What do you think now? Please share in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Your First Impression of the Enneagram and Week 1 in Summary {Enneagram Series #8}

  1. Martha Brady

    lisa, i have been enjoying your series a lot this week:) i’m learning a lot. it’s weird though. in the past, i tied for 7 and 9. this time i was a clear 9 but many of the downsides from the Fall and some of the others seem to come from 1. i was ver y 1 when i was young but a lot of that came from being surrounded by 1’s. i didn’t love it. when i got away from it and married away from it, i felt free for the first time. so i’m not sure how much of it was me was superimposed on me. living with what i’m guessing is a 9 for over 50 years has definitely affected me:) for the good. maybe i’m too old to take the test. i’ve been so worn down by life that the actual me is no longer there. :). (it’s not a bad thing really.)

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