It’s a new day, a new year – Daybook

I am praying . . . about how to stay tender toward others without being too sensitive myself

I am wondering . . . if I made a wise choice for my One Word 2014: Compassion (I changed it at the last minute)


I am thinking . . . honestly, it might be too dangerous a choice (I know how God works)

I am reading . . . Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life

I am rereading . . . The Shack because I want to read The Shack Revisted soon

I am thankful . . .  Christmas is over (is that okay to admit?)

In the kitchen . . . are the makings for a Honey Bun Cake because it’s Jeff’s favorite

I am creating . . . a revamped master to-read list (it’s totally out of control; suggestions, anyone?)

I am going . . .  to the funeral tomorrow for the mother of one of my best friends; she died unexpectedly on New Year’s Day

I am looking forward to . . . this new memory challenge! Registration begins on Monday.

I am appreciating . . . the community of friends who get excited each time we begin a new chapter

I am studying . . . the background of Isaiah 55

I am ready . . . to head back into daily Bible reading after taking a few months off

I am hearing . . . ocean waves; I got a white noise machine for Christmas to help me sleep better

I am hoping . . . Auburn will win the BCS National Championship on Monday, but I’m expecting they won’t

bcs auburn

I am pondering these words . . .

I begin this year resolving to abandon myself to everything Jesus has done for us. Jesus is the promise keeper, not us.
– Scotty Smith

One of my favorite things . . . meeting our sponsored child at Manna House for Christmas and helping with a wedding there the same day


* * *

What’s happening in your day today?

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12 thoughts on “It’s a new day, a new year – Daybook

  1. floyd

    Funny, you’re the last person I’d expect to ask for more compassion… That’s usually how it works, isn’t it? The more we know the more we know we need more… How’s that for a quote?

    I’m working, I’m also glad the commercialized part of the season is over… That’s enough to plum tucker a fella…

    1. Lisa

      Thanks for the vote of confidence but my heart still has lots of empty spots available to be more compassionate. Just ask those around me. ha. Don’t work too hard–it’s the weekend again already. Been hard keeping up with what day it is the past couple weeks.

  2. Linda@Creekside

    ‘I am praying . . . about how to stay tender toward others without being too sensitive myself’
    Lisa – this is profound … a great need for us all. Thank you for your vulnerability with us …

    1. Lisa

      I had lunch with my sister and some friends last week and we were discussing the subject of keeping our hearts soft but our skins tough. That’s been weighing on me for awhile, but that nailed it that day.

  3. Betty Draper

    Lisa, your post reminded me of the book some ladies and I are studying…Strong Women Soft Hearts by Paula Rinehart. Great list to start the New Year with. New Years day was a quiet one for us. Look forward to gleaming from your wise world for another year.

    1. Lisa

      I’m glad you mentioned that book, Betty. I’ll look into it because I want to read books this year that are about this very thing. God is always at work behind the scenes and out in front of us, yes?

  4. Barbara H.

    Yes, I am glad Christmas is over, too – much as I loved all the activity, it’s exhausting after a while!

    I have been glad to get back to daily Bible reading, too. I had been reading devotionals (got two unexpected [and unasked for….:-) ] ones for Christmas last year) and some good study books, and they’re very helpful, but just not the same as reading the Bible itself.

    I’m not sure how to do a master to-read list. I am considering a couple of reading challenges I’ve seen others hosting but don’t want to over-commit myself. Sometimes I feel led to read certain books at certain times that I hadn’t planned on, and I want to leave room for those, too. It’s a dilemma! But a good one – I’d rather have that situation than nothing interesting to read.

    1. Lisa

      I still haven’t figured out how best to shape my to-read list either. There are certain books that I like to read because the time is right, but I also like to have open space for other books that seem to slide in out of nowhere. If I can just prioritize the books that I’ve “always wanted to read but just haven’t”, I think I’ll be satisfied. I still may not get to them anytime soon, but at least I’ll have that list together. 🙂

    1. Lisa

      I hope to be reflecting–and acting–on that more this year, Mary. Had some good conversations about it this weekend with Jeff. I’ve watched him become a much more compassionate person over the years.

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