Don’t Hate Her—She’s Been Good to You

When We’re Incompatible

I’ve said ugly things about her. I occasionally look at parts of her with disgust. I think of ways she needs to change.

I’m taking her to the beach next week (abiding by all the proper coronavirus precautions, of course!). She’ll put on a swimsuit and out we’ll go, walking together into public spaces.

I’ll try not to be embarrassed by her.

Because she’s done and continues to do so much for me.

I’m talking about my body.

Wasted Time

She’s been with me since birth. And even though I feel she fails me at times, she’s been my constant companion, taking me into the world to do things I enjoy and hug people I love and eat food I treasure.

She’s been good to me, even when I talk bad about her.

Here’s how Jen Hatmaker puts it in Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire:

“If I had every second back that I’ve spent thinking about my weight and age, my belly and my crow’s feet, I could have cured cancer with all the extra time.”

Do you struggle with this, too?

I try to do better about it. To accept my shape. My numbers on the scale. My inches on the tape measure.

The ugly self-talk is wasted time. It’s poisonous. It’s disrespectful.

Honor your body

Honor Her Instead

This is a battle I’ll continue fighting to win. Because when I think of all the beautiful ways my body has served me—just as she is, including a few extra quarantine pounds—I am grateful.

Again from Jen:

“She walks and cooks and lifts and hugs and types and drives and cleans and holds babies and rests and laughs and does everything in her power to live another meaningful, connected day on this earth. She sure does love me and my life and family. Maybe it is time to stop hating her and just love her back.”

So when I walk her onto the beach next week (keeping 6-foot distance from others), I want her to revel in the sand between her toes, the sun on her skin, and the waves in her ears.

She deserves it. I honor her for housing me and God. Just as he made her.

Just as she is. Just as I am.

This topic was from Chapter 3, “I Am Strong in My Body” in Jen Hatmaker’s new book, Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire. All the chapters are worth reading about who we are, what we need, and how we connect.

How do you keep a healthy body image? Please share in the comments.

Thanks to Net Galley + Nelson Books
for the review copy of this book

10 thoughts on “Don’t Hate Her—She’s Been Good to You

  1. Martha Jane Orlando

    I’ve pretty much come to terms with my body, Lisa, even with the Covid weight gain. Overall, she has been good to me, and I’m grateful to be able to be physically able to do so many things at my age. It’s a blessing!

  2. Patti

    I’m visiting from Let’s Have Coffee. You are the link before me. Oh, your words here are quite convicting to me. It seems like every single day I call myself “A fat, ugly pig.” Funny, I would NEVER in a million years say that to someone else, and yet I say those words to myself constantly.

    I am returning to blogging after a long break and have started a brand new blog. I’d be honored if you popped by for a visit.

    Patti @ Empty Nest Homemaker

  3. Jean Wise

    wow this hit home. The sentence: The ugly self-talk is wasted time struck me too. One thing I heard this year from God is to know who I am and how I am called. I am called to be writer, contemplative and healthy. I was surprised most by the last one. That is taking care of and loving the body I have been given. I still do that ugly self talk though but thanks to you now categorize it as wasted time. Good slot for it. Thanks Lisa

  4. Bev @ Walking Well With God

    During this COVID-19 pandemic, I have not been very nice to my body. Because I’ve been home a lot more, I’ve given into boredom eating (not healthy). Then, after I do, I scold myself for putting on extra weight. So true, that if I repurposed this mental energy, perhaps I’d have discovered a vaccine for the virus. I need to tell myself to be nice to “her” and quit with the insults. Poignant post!
    Bev xx

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