Share Four Somethings—June 2023
—Grace & Truth Linkup

Near the end of each month, I share four somethings at Jennifer’s linkup that I’m loving, reading, learning, and eating. 

And last month’s One Second Everyday video . . . 

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What I’m Loving


I’m an avid podcast listener. I used to listen using the default Apple Podcast app on my phone, but the past few years I now use the free version of the Overcast app (available only for iPhones for now). And I love it!

Overcast Podcast App

Among my favorite features is the “Skip Intro” and “Skip Outro” options. For certain podcasts that don’t really start content until the 1 minute mark, for example, I set the “Skip Intro” to 1 minute for that podcast. So every time a new episode plays, it automatically starts at 1 minute.

The “Skip Outro” feature works the same. For podcasts that end with the same message every time (“If you like this podcast, rate and review…”), you can adjust the settings to cut off the final 30 seconds (or however much time you want).

The settings comes in 5-second increments so you choose the appropriate time you need cut off. (Sorry, advertisers.) Our time is valuable. We hear enough clatter as it is, so I love deleting some when possible.

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What I’m Reading 


Because I absorb content better through reading than hearing, I sometimes prefer to read a transcript instead of listening to a podcast or watching a video if the audio or video isn’t particularly additive.

So occasionally I’ll click on the three dots underneath a YouTube video to “Show transcript” on a laptop (or click through Description on a phone). If it is a video that has closed captioning (not every video does), the transcript will appear on the side of the screen.

Granted, the transcript is in a roughly second-by-second format. But I can still scroll through much quicker reading instead of watching an entire video, especially if I’m only looking for a certain piece of information or just want to get the gist of the message.

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What I’m Learning


I’m a little nervous about this one. I’ve agreed to host an online book club for Alabama’s Mom Demand Action volunteers. I have participated in zoom book clubs before with friends & family (especially during the pandemic), but this new book club will be mainly with people I don’t already know, with no set guidelines already in place. We’re starting from scratch.

Our first meeting with be this Monday night to talk about The Violence Inside Us. I’m hoping all will go well and that my excitement will continue to outweigh my anxiety about it. 

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What I’m Eating


My dad used to grow watermelons in his garden every year. Now that he’s gone, I miss those fresh ones straight from soil to picnic table.

So I now buy a whole watermelon or cut-up pieces from the grocery store during the summer. They’re not always as good as my dad’s, but they’re still a yummy guilt-free pleasure on hot summer days. 

This is my afternoon snack today. Do you put salt on your watermelon, too? 

What’s something you’re learning or loving this month?  

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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I admit I felt a little strange because of my age when I joined the choir at my church a few years ago. While there were a few people older than me, we were in the minority. I felt old when the young girls would huddle only with each other for conversation before choir practice. I occasionally tried joining in, and while they were kind, it felt awkward trying to break into their group.

So, when one by one my older friends left the group, I decided to retire as well.

But just because we’re aging (which everyone aims to do, right?) doesn’t mean we’re obsolete. Being older DOES have many advantages, whether it’s in a church setting, a family gathering, or a work environment.

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To the Older Woman in the Church: You Are NOT Obsolete

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16 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings—June 2023
—Grace & Truth Linkup

  1. Astrid

    I’d never heard of the Overcast app, but will try it out too. It sounds good. You’re not the only one who absorbs info better through reading than listening, so your idea of using YouTube transcripts is fabulous.

  2. Jean Wise

    Will check out overcast – I too skip ahead on the podcasts. Also I often will skip the “live” presentation in favor for the later video to get captions and/or transcripts. I “hear” better with the written word in front of me. Interesting learning styles, right?

  3. Barbara Harper

    I always love your second-a-day videos. I’ve never tried Overcast, but it sounds good. I usually hit the “skip ahead” button on podcasts where the intro is the same every time–but that’s 30 seconds, so may not work for everything.

    I LOVE knowing about the transcripts on You Tube! Thank you! I not only absorb information better by reading, but I can get through faster by reading as well.

    I hope the book club goes well. I’ve only been on online ones where we type our thoughts, not one in person or over Zoom.

    I loved Michele’s post, too. The way we serve may change as we grow older, but there is always some way to serve. I came across a term the other day that I really liked–pew ministry, the idea that just by taking an interest in those around us, introducing ourselves to visitors, asking others about their week, etc., we can make church a warmer, friendlier place. I didn’t always have time to do that when I was busy running around in “official” means of service.

  4. Jennifer Goodwin

    Thanks for linking up with us today! That watermelon looks amazing. I do not put salt on mine, though…it’s been a while since I’ve tried it with that, though, but I think I prefer it without. My sister Lisa puts salt AND pepper on her cantaloupe, and I think it sounds so gross. ? I’m a fan of things that are supposed to be sweet staying sweet. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  5. Lisa Blair

    You have great techy hacks, Lisa! I’m all for saving time! Great job stepping outside of your comfort zone to lead an online book club! I pray you have an encouraging time together discussing books and their impact. The watermelon looks absolutely mouth-watering!

  6. Kym

    I probably need to make use the transcript hack on youtube more often. For longer things, I’d rather skim the transcript and play only the bits that are particularly interesting to me. I’m not a huge watermelon fan, but if I put anything on mine, it’s sugar, not salt! Everyone’s different! Hope the rest of your summer is fabulous!

  7. Lynn

    That’s a great tip regarding you tube videos! I’d rather read instructions, and for that reason, I can find you tube videos very frustrating. I’ll try the transcript method (and I am glad I am not alone in rather reading than watching)! Thanks!

  8. Joanne

    I was eyeing the fresh watermelons at the grocery store this week… but we didn’t buy one. I do love watermelon in the summer though I do not put salt on it. Good luck with your new book club!

  9. Maryleigh

    What a beautiful month (video). Thanks for the tip on how to find a transcript. I would much rather read than listen, and I’ll often pass on a vlog if there’s no choice. I bet you will be fantastic leading the new book club! I can’t wait to read about how it progresses. What have I been doing/learning this month? It’s June – June is filled with so many birthdays (and this year so many extra celebration events) that I’ve just been loving the people God sends across my path – over and over:) Determined not to give up!

  10. Laurie

    I enjoyed your video. It’s a neat idea to capture and share these small vignettes of life. I like the variety…the video of the kids, the ocean, the geese, the flowers…all lovely pieces of your life.

  11. Jean

    Interesting about reading the transcript on the youtube videos, need to check into that more as often I’m browsing very early in the morning and don’t want any sound. My youngest son puts salt on his watermelon, I say yuck but he swears it improves the taste. Hope you have a wonderful July!

  12. Paula Short

    Lisa, sending encouragement your way. I think you’ll do wonderful hosting the online book club for Alabama’s Mom Demand Action volunteers. Loving your 1 Sec a day videos.
    Visiting today from Share Four Somethings #1

  13. Cathy

    I need some watermelon now! Think I may run by the grocery on the way home later today. Gotta have watermelon for the 4th! I love salt on my watermelon, by the way.

  14. Cindy Davis

    Thanks for the transcript tip on YouTube, I had no idea. I used to LOVE salt on my watermelon, it’s how I was raised ;). I don’t do it often anymore. Good luck with the online book club! I stepped outside of my comfort zone and started an in-person Christian/clean reads bookclub last month. We have our second meeting this Thursday and we will be discussing Stories That Bind Us by Susie Finkbeiner.

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