Share Four Somethings—April 2021

Here are my “four somethings” from April. I’m sharing at Heather’s.

Plus my One Second video from last month . . . 

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Something Loved



Sometimes it’s the little things, right?

This little car phone holder by iOttie has served me so well. It mounts easily on the air vents of any vehicle and holds any size phone. Because my car doesn’t have a built-in GPS screen, I use the Waze app on my phone, secure in this holder, to take me places I wouldn’t have traveled to without anxiety in the past.

It’s been a game-changer in all the right ways.  

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Something Read 


If you want to be motivated to do more journaling, this book will do it for you. It has me back in the habit of writing several times a week, words only for God and me. 

“And writing is an absolutely foolproof way to curate awareness. You cannot write for long and not see yourself show up on the page.”
– Allison Fallon


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Something Treasured


When I began reading blog posts from Shannan at shannanenjoyslife a few years ago, I knew I liked her. But when I discovered we both lived near Huntsville, Alabama, I subscribed to her blog.


And then one day in February, I received an email from Shannan, wondering if we could talk.

She was responding to my blog post from January 12 about how to fight racism:

So, Are We Going to Talk About This?
Is it divisive to talk about racial injustice? Or is it divisive NOT to talk about it? Plus, quotes from Jemar Tisby’s book, “How to Fight Racism.”

So, Are We Going to Talk About This?

Yes, we can talk, Shannan!

I was thrilled.

We talked via a Zoom call in March. We shared about our backgrounds and race and family influences. And books. Shannan works with Modern Mrs. Darcy (she’s even been on a few podcast episodes of What Should I Read Next).

Shannan and I have continued texting, and now have a date on the calendar to talk again this week. I’m so excited. Shannan is very gracious. I’m excited to count her as a new friend.

Thank you, blogosphere, for doing good things.

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Something Ahead



We’re less than a month away from meeting our 3rd grandchild!

He’ll be our first grandson, and the first child for Jenna and Trey. His two girl cousins are going to have fun playing with him when he gets here.

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What’s a highlight from your April? What are you looking forward to in May? Share in the comments.

30 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings—April 2021

  1. Sharon Hazel

    Love your ahead – blessings on the arrival of a Grandson! And I love it when God weaves something good for us – a new blogging friend that you can meet in person. Some great book recommendations too – thank you Lisa.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, Sharon. Having a grandson will be a new adventure for us! We had daughters, then granddaughters. So a boy will be a different thing to look forward to. 🙂

  2. Theresa Boedeker

    Lisa, I just picked up The Power of Writing It Down from the library. Excited to start reading it. So exciting! A new grandbaby. It was fun to hear about you meeting Shannan. In the last 2 months I have found out I have two blogging friends living within two hours of me. We are planning to meet this summer.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Glad you found a copy of The Power of Writing It Down at your library too, Theresa! I borrowed the Kindle version from my library. I do so love public libraries. They’ve furnished me with thousands and thousands of books through the years.

      How fun that you’re going to meet up with blogging friends this summer! I’ve met a few fellow bloggers in real life, and it’s always turned out wonderful. Shannan and I are meeting again via Zoom, but hopefully one day we too can meet in person.

  3. Barb Hegreberg

    I absolutely love participating in 4 Somethings every month. I think it gives us a peek into the lives of others that we may not otherwise see in their blogs. It’s amazing to me how I can feel so connected to people who I’ve never met in person.

    Thank you for being one of those special people.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I totally agree with you, Barb. Reading these Four Somethings has been such a fun look into the “behind-the-scenes” of each other’s lives. I’m glad we’ve connected through several touch points, including this one.

  4. Barbara Harper

    I have a different car phone holder, but I love it, too. I am very dependent on my GPS! So nice that you’re getting to know Shannan better! It’s so exciting that you’re on the final countdown to meet your grandson!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I didn’t realize what a difference a car phone holder would make. 🙂 I’m thankful for all the little comforts that we have these days. Yes, we are so excited to be in the final countdown to meet our grandson. I breathe a sign of relief as the weeks tick by and he gets to “cook” a little longer. I remember how scary it was with y’all reading about Timothy’s prematurity but what a wonderful recovery he made from being born early. Happy Birthday to your grandson!

  5. Beth Steffaniak

    I always enjoy your round-up posts, Lisa–especially the 1-second video. But I’m intrigued by the book you’ve shared. I hope to write a book one day on prayer journaling (based on David’s way of writing his psalms) and Allison’s book looks like it would give me lots of ideas for that project. Thanks for sharing all these inspiring nuggets!

  6. Joanne

    I got a cell phone holder for Christmas and I am seriously wondering what I used to do without one! I love it so much. Sometimes it really is the little things.

  7. Betty J Draper

    I am going to buy the book about writing things down. I miss so much because I don’t anymore. I have gotten lazy during this shut down of living. when we traveled a lot in our ministry I would write all the time. You always have such great ideas on your site…and they challenge me which I so need. Thanks Lisa.

  8. Laurie

    We do have a built-in GPS screen in our car but it isn’t working properly. That phone holder looks like something I need to look into. I have made some real-life friends from the blogosphere too. I love that! So cool that you and Shannan are communicating. I didn’t realize your new grandchild was so close to being born. Could be any day!!! Congratulations to the whole family.

  9. ~ linda

    That is fun! But now I want to see more of a few of those! Like your Granddaughter (I presume) picking flowers and the things she says while doing so! I can be a bit tech but putting all those bites together to flow so well!! I would not be able to do that and have a nice video to share.

  10. Jennifer Smith

    A new grandbaby – how exciting!! Prayers for all of you! And I’m totally with you on those little things! We went away for a couple of days this week…without WAZE pretty sure we would have never found our way (there or) home!!

  11. Jean Wise

    congrats on the new grandbaby! How wonderful. We leave tomorrow to see the two grandkids we only saw once during this pandemic, Going this weekend, then again in 5 weeks. Nothing beats those hugs!!

  12. Lois Flowers

    Lisa, I’ve thought about getting a car phone holder and after reading your thoughts, I’m thinking about it even more. 🙂 I have hold on The Power of Writing It Down at the library and am looking forward to reading it. And I love that you have connected with a fellow blogger in such a meaningful way. Online interaction that goes beyond blog comments is wonderful, and then when you get to meet—in person or over Zoom by phone—it’s even better!

  13. Karen Friday

    Lisa, loved your 1 second every day for March. The girls are adorable and glad you have connected with Shannon. Congrats on the grandson coming, the girls are adorable!

  14. Jeanne Takenaka

    Ahhh, Lisa, so much good going on in your April. Congrats that your new grandchild is almost here. That’s so exciting! When we got our new-to-us car a couple years ago, my husband gave me one of those phone holders, and I love it too!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Me, too! I’ve made lots of online friendships through blogging, but it’s nice to break out of the online world and actually get to have voice conversations too with a blogger friend.

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