One Word 2021 Linkup for November + FILL OUT THIS SURVEY

It’s time for the monthly linkup about your ONE WORD!

1. Revisit any initial writings you had about your word at the beginning of 2021. Do you view your word differently now than you did then?

2. What are two or three lessons you’ve learned as you’ve journeyed these months with your word?

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This linkup for ONE WORD will remain open from November 21-30.

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7 thoughts on “One Word 2021 Linkup for November + FILL OUT THIS SURVEY

  1. Lisa Blair

    I started 2021, seeing harvest as something “out there” and it seemed so nebulous. Now, I see harvest as an intentional planting of seeds for the harvest I desire for life and godliness. It is no longer “out there” because He said, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7 NASB) He is faithful to lead and guide us in the sowing and the reaping of the harvest.

  2. Trudy

    Thank you for helping me to refocus and reflect on both the abundance of “grace” God gives and my moment-by-moment need of it, Lisa. It has been a rough year. At some moments, especially when my husband was in critical condition and I landed up in the hospital at the same time, that I wondered where the sufficient grace God promises was. But looking back, I could see how His grace upheld us and got us through even in those dark, anxious times. Love and blessings to you, Lisa!

  3. David

    Dear Lisa, thank you very much for running this group! I have enjoyed it immensely, and it has made a big difference to my year: it has helped keep “Harmony” close to my heart and my attention; and I have really enjoyed and benefitted from reading others’ on their One Word adventures.

  4. Donna

    Lisa, one huge thing I learned on my One Word journey this year is the beauty of sharing my word and journey with others. If it hadn’t been for your leadership and the members of this group, I truly don’t think my journey would have been as fullfilling and blessed. I had the added blessing of walking with others on their journey too!!

  5. ~ linda

    Hi Lisa, I was not going to do a word for 2022. I have not written about my 2021 word for several months. But today, while writing a post, I felt compelled about a word. So I just took your survey. I am not using Facebook any longer so will not be joining you there if you decide to continue with this.
    Thanks for the great list of books this week. I appreciate you.

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