One Word 2021 Linkup for August

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Last Month’s Challenge

At our last linkup we talked about spending time in three ways with your word:

  • YOUR WORD: Relationship with God
  • YOUR WORD: Relationship with Others
  • YOUR WORD: Relationship with Self

Did God give you any insights about your word and relationships?

What I learned with my word UNCERTAINTY is God wants me to lean harder into TRUST.

  • Trust he is at work in uncertain situations.
  • Trust his voice to speak to others when he’s asking me to keep silent.
  • Trust his compassion in me to practice self-compassion when I need it.

Knowing whether to move forward or whether to keep my hands off a situation isn’t always easy to discern. But trusting God to guide me and trusting God to guide others is all I’ve got. And it has to be enough.

That’s where my certainty can rest.

This Month’s Challenge

Choose three people talk to about your word before September 21.

Whether it’s in person, online, on the phone, etc., ask them a few questions, such as:

  • How would you define my word?
  • Do you see my word in your daily life?
  • What suggestions could you offer me to practice my word?

Sparking a conversation with someone else about your word can give you a fresh glimpse of it. Use their answers to motivate you to move through your word in a slightly different way than you have so far.

Make your list now of three people and tag yourself in a note to follow through.

This linkup will remain open from August 21 – August 31.

The next One Word linkup will be September 21.

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Share your thoughts in the comments.

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18 thoughts on “One Word 2021 Linkup for August

  1. Joanne Viola

    Lisa, I have so been blessed in following along with your journey with your word – uncertainty. Often it has seemed like our words intersect, and that has been amazing to me. You were brought to think on trust and it was the thought God brought me to as well this week – Pray. Trust. Work. Prevail.

    And like you said, “And it has to be enough.”
    May we keep trusting Him!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I feel the same blessing about your word Prevail, Joanne. Whenever I see it now, I think of you. I love that our words intersected again this time. It has to be a God thing for us both to come to Trust between Uncertainty and Prevail. 🙂

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      “feel the jolt” – what an apt way to put it, Michele. That describes how I feel this year with Uncertainty. Lots of jolts. 🙂 I’m not a courageous person by nature, so God is pulling me through Uncertainty with much kicking. I was talking with Jeff this weekend about it and he was questioning why I even chose it in the first place. lol. God just kept bringing the word back to me, even in my reluctance. But it has been an interesting journey!

  2. Jennifer Smith

    This is a good, quite honestly, I have forgotten about (or certainly laid aside) my word for this year. Not sure why. I really feel God gave me the word…so it is no doubt time to reconsider it.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I think that’s quite common, Jennifer. Many of us forget our word as the year flies by. I know I struggle with that myself. That was my driving force in starting this community this year–to help us remember. And it’s working for me. Plus I’ve also had the unforeseen blessing of feeling so connected through other people’s relationship with their words too.

  3. Linda Stoll

    No update on my word, but it’s there in the background, nudging at me, smiling at me …

    But I sure appreciate your faithfulness in keeping this in front of us as the year progresses, Lisa.

  4. Lynn

    It’s wonderful to see how intentional you have been about your word for the year! I’ll be thinking about these questions, and considering who I can talk to about my word. And trust is enough!! Cheering you on…

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks for your encouragement, Lynn! I talked with person #1 for the month (my husband) about my word on Saturday. Even though we’ve talked about it several times this year already, it was interesting to hear some new takes from him this time. It’s giving me new things to think about. I’m looking forward to conversations with person #2 and #3 soon. 🙂

  5. Denise

    I have really spent the last 21 days very focused on my One Word “FEAR”. Each day I did a daily devotional spending time with my word. For anyone who struggles with fear I would strongly recommend the book Fear I’m Over You by Holley Gerth. It sets up a daily challenge that has been helping me over my fear.
    Today in reading my devotional from “At His Feet” by Chris Tiegreen I came upon this sentence: Faith is our weapon against the enemy and prayer is our communication with the headquarters from which come all our resources. My mantra since the beginning has been “Faith over Fear” and this really spoke to me.
    I cannot believe how far my One Word has brought me so far this year. I feel GOD’S presence every day leading me further.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I love how you’re staying so centered on God guiding you out of fear this year, Denise. As I’ve said before, it encourages me too because fear comes naturally to me, and I sure don’t like it. I just now bought Holley’s book and had it sent to my Kindle. (And it was only $1.99!) Thanks so much for sharing your journey!

  6. Donna

    Lisa, I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with my word this month with your challenge to view it through relationship with others, God and myself. It brought new dimension to my word and revitalized my interest! I am so encouraged reading others posts on how they are interacting with their words. Participating in this One Word challenge has not only helped me truly explore all God has for me with my word, but also learn through others about their words! Thank you Lisa!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’m so thrilled to know that the relationship aspect clicked with you as well, Donna! It’s been so interesting to me to see how God intersects our one words and our lives by getting to follow each other’s journey. Your journey with Joy has made me jealous at times that it’s not my word. 🙂 But I know God has each of us on the path we can grow in, and so I’m thankful he allows me to learn vicariously through your word as well.

  7. Corinne Rodrigues

    Learning to trust God more is something I’m working on too, Lisa. With the world situation, especially Afghanistan and closer home the violence against people of certain religion and caste (yes, casteism is alive and well!) make me feel so helpless. It seems wrong to do nothing, but I wonder how I can really help. I think the answer is to be kinder, more generous to those I can reach out to and equip myself to better understand where the hatred stems from.
    I love your idea about finding three people to hold me accountable to following through with my #WOTY. Will report back at the end of next month.
    Thank you for this link up and for being YOU.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Yes! I agree with your answer in every way, Corinne: “I think the answer is to be kinder, more generous to those I can reach out to and equip myself to better understand where the hatred stems from.” Those three things are enough to keep us showing Jesus for a lifetime. I’m glad you mentioned that third part too (better understanding) because sometimes we forget to look upriver to see what’s causing trouble in the first place. If we can slow down some of the hatred at its source, there will be less cleanup afterward.

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