Not in our strength


– Excerpt from Sheila Walsh, The Shelter of God’s Promises

“I think Peter gets a bit of a bad rap. We talk about his lack of faith, but he was the only one willing to get out of the boat at all.

Peter’s character seems to have been a bit impetuous, loud at times, but fiercely loyal too. The harsh reality that Peter was going to have to face is that our ways are not God’s ways, and God’s grace is made perfect in our weakness, not in what we perceive as our strength.

This is one of the greatest ironies of our faith: at the moment when we realize we have nothing to give Christ and we fall flat on our faces, we bring the gift He has been asking for all along.

That gift is our hearts—not our ideas or skills or preferences.

Just ourselves.”

Shelter-of-Gods-Promises-The_Sheila Walsh

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