Save me from myself


– Excerpt from Emily P. Freeman, Grace for the Good Girl

I understood at an early age about the first rescue. Jesus came to save sinners. He came for the lost, the broken, the hurt, and the lonely. He came to heal sick people and to raise dead people and to die for the sins of everyone.

Never once did I consider he also came to save me from myself.

I’m a good girl who has done good things and has good intentions for the world around me. What harm could I do to myself?

But then I reconsider, and I think of the effort and the work. And then the shame. I think of the worry that keeps me up at night.

Jesus came to save me from myself. He came to save me from self-effort. He didn’t just die for my sin to give me forgiveness; he rose again to give me life.

And so he beckons me, “Come.”


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Every day in October I’m sharing a short quote on grace from a favorite book.



6 thoughts on “Save me from myself

  1. Mary

    I need to go back and read this book again. It has been a few years and it was great the first time I read. Thank you for this series, Lisa. I don’t comment every day, but I do read the posts.

  2. Sharon


    You know, if I treated other people half as bad as I treat myself, I’d have no friends left. Yes indeed, may the Lord save me from myself – and may He do that by replacing *me* with Himself.

    “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.” (John 3:30, NLT)


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