“No Other Name” {Weekend Worship}

If you need to give heartfelt praise to our Creator, this song can help you do just that. May we offer pure worship now and forever to the One who is worthy!

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“No Other Name”
Hillsong Worship Live

One name holds weight above them all
His fame outlasts the earth He formed
His praise resounds beyond the stars
And echoes in our hearts the greatest One of all

His face shines brighter than the sun
His grace as boundless as His love
He reigns with healing in His wings
The King above all kings the greatest One of all

Lift up our eyes see the King has come
Light of the world reaching out for us
There is no other name
There is no other name
Jesus Christ our God
Seated on high the undefeated One
Mountains bow down as we lift Him up
There is no other name
There is no other name
Jesus Christ our God

Find hope when all the world seems lost
Behold the triumph of the cross
His power has trampled death and grave
Our life found in His name the greatest name of all


The earth will shake and tremble before Him
Chains will break as heaven and earth sing
Holy is the name
Holy is the name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus


* * *

2 thoughts on ““No Other Name” {Weekend Worship}

  1. Ceil

    Hi Lisa! I like how this song starts out in a tone of meditation, and then just lets it fly! Like we have been filled and filled with the Spirit in it’s singing, and just need to burst forth in praise.

    Thank you for sharing a quiet/noisy instrument of love and thanks today!

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