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How Are You Coping?

We cope differently.

Some try not to think about it. Others want to stay up-to-date informed. Some refuse to think negatively. Others cry it out daily.

But here’s the thing. When someone handles this differently than you, try not to judge them for it.

Just accept it. Remind yourself this is what works for them.

They’re doing the best they can.

Just like we’re doing the best we can.

Maybe in a few weeks, if we discover our coping mechanisms aren’t healthy (or more likely, if our housemates point it out to us!), we can put forth a herculean effort to change, beg for the Spirit’s help, and recalibrate.

But in the meantime, be gentle on yourself. And be gentle on others.

Ask God for mercy. Mercy for yourself. And mercy to give to others.

Mercy is the way through.

Our Featured Post

Linda Stoll reminds us that our thoughts and emotions we’re having are “perfectly normal, understandable, and completely valid given what we are journeying through.”

Read Linda’s post here to see how God empowers us, infuses us with love, and gives us sanity.

“You’re Not Alone if You’re a Bit Fearful . . . or You’re Freaking Out” 

Linda’s gentle and wise words always help me feel better.


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What is your coping style? Please share your thoughts in the comments

8 thoughts on “Mercy Is the Way Through – Grace & Truth Link-Up

  1. Linda Stoll

    Lisa, hi! Thank you for sharing my ‘fearful and freaking out’ post with your friends and followers.

    We are not alone, many who love Jesus are in the same boat.

    He will carry us through …

  2. Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours

    Our family is coping well, but our hearts and prayers are impacted greatly by the increased stress this pandemic is causing for our friends in orphan care work around the world—and for the children. Already overburdened systems and caregivers are having to dig even deeper within themselves to trust God and “rise to the occasion” to meet today’s global realities.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Oh, that hurts my heart to think about, Susan. 🙁 There are so many categories of people–individuals, each one–who are affected more adversely than others. I join you in praying for the children around the world and their caregivers.

  3. Betty J Draper

    We are doing well, trying our best to not be a burden on anyone as we wait out this health issue. It’s interesting that we don’t know anyone personally that has died or is sick with the virus right now. That’s for providing a place to connect Lisa.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      We haven’t lost anyone personally yet either, but it’s beginning to circle around us now. We know friends who are either being tested now or have recently received a positive result. It’s taken a bit longer to come to the smaller cities. Praying that you continue to wait it out at home and stay healthy, Betty! That’s what I’m doing. Except for the grocery store, I’m staying put.

  4. BettieG

    Dear Lisa,
    Yes, so much mercy in these hard times. My own convictions have been stirred lately to offer mercy, even as I have been given so much mercy myself. I pray that you have a Blessed Easter weekend!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Our small (and large!) kindnesses to each other are important with so much stress. Praying that the virus stays far away from you, Bettie! Take care, friend. May you be blessed this Easter too. I’ve already been watching different Easter services online and have felt renewed by each one. The Lord is near.

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