If you want God’s grace


“Naaman is after a tame God, but this is a wild God. Naaman is after a God who can be put into debt, but this is a God of grace, who puts everyone else in his debt. . . .

‘Just wash yourself,’ then, was a command that was hard because it was so easy. To do it, Naaman had to admit he was helpless and weak and had to receive his salvation as a free gift.

If you want God’s grace, all you need is need, all you need is nothing.

But that kind of spiritual humility is hard to muster. We come to God saying, ‘Look at all I’ve done,’ or maybe ‘Look at all I’ve suffered.’

God, however, wants us to look to him—to just wash.

– Timothy Keller
Counterfeit Gods


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8 thoughts on “If you want God’s grace

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Nice start to the month! My grace quote is up on http://www.dailygracequote.wordpress.com

    I do think there is one more thing that we need…and that is an accepting heart. We may want grace desperately, but the heart has to be taught to ‘catch’ what is thrown to us.

    Sometimes grace comes in a prickly package, and it looks like we might get hurt if we put out our arms. Other times it looks far too big to hold, and we step aside rather that be crushed (as we perceive our fate if we stand fast and try to catch it).

    But the pricking may be the Crown of Thorns which for us is the lovely hat we’re given, and must just get used to, and the weight may be that which crushed Him for our sake, but which lifts up to His embrace.

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