Explain grace or show it?

I would far rather convey grace than explain it. Philip Yancey

“‘The world can do almost anything as well as or better than the church,’ says Gordon MacDonald. ‘You need not be a Christian to build houses, feed the hungry, or heal the sick. There is only one thing the world cannot do. It cannot offer grace.’

MacDonald has put his finger on the church’s single most important contribution. Where else can the world go to find grace? . . .

I would far rather convey grace than explain it. . . .

Grace is the only force in the universe powerful enough to break the chains that enslave generations. Grace alone melts ungrace.

– Philip Yancey
What’s So Amazing about Grace?

Whats so amazing about grace - philip yancey

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But actually, I’m not sure I fully agree with MacDonald or Yancey or this one….I believe the world can also show grace. Just maybe not as frequently? (And as for “church” showing grace, I’m more comfortable substituting “believers” because unfortunately the “church” often has a bad reputation for showing grace…)  What do you think?

Every day in October I’m sharing a short quote on grace from a favorite book.

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7 thoughts on “Explain grace or show it?

  1. Dianna

    Amen! It is the showing of grace that He uses to convict, to soften and to redeem. May He find us faithful at giving it liberally that others might come to know Him. Hugs to you, Lisa dear.

  2. Ceil

    Hi Lisa! I do believe that grace is given by God to all. The only thing it depends on is acceptance. God is powerful! He can find even the smallest little pinhole in a person’s life to enter and transform. It is an amazing gift.

    I do think that many do not know what grace is. I know I have been asked that in religious classes. I thought of that with the quote about conveying grace instead of explaining it. Maybe people see acts and words of grace, but they don’t know where it comes from, or what it does. I might vote more for talking about grace than that author.

  3. Jerralea

    I think the world can do a lot of things that the church is supposed to do – like meeting basic needs – but grace is the game changer. Who can even explain it?

    I know one thing, I’m sure thankful for it!

  4. June

    Yancy’s quote holds so much hope & promise! Breaking the chains that enslave generations? yes, only God’s grace can do that. Your question at the end is a good one, Lisa. Personally, I think that the grace the world gives, just like the love the world gives is but a shadow of the real thing. I believe only God, or the Holy Spirit through a believer can extend TRUE grace and love. The devil sure makes a good counterfeit, though! Great series! You’re inspiring me to read/re read some of these great books!

  5. Beverley

    To me it not the people or the church that offers grace but grace come to each soul that truly repents, accepts Christ has their Saviour and live every moment of their remaining days doing his will and none other. i think there are times when we can feel let down by both the people and the church, but there comes a moment when we realise that Jesus Christ never walked away and never let us down.

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