How do you hug God?

Are you a hugger?

We are around here. We hug hello. We hug good-bye.

We know to start leaving five minutes early to allow for the rounds of hugging everybody in the room.

I want to hug God like that. And have him hug me back.

But I can’t.

Before my dad got sick, each time I’d say good-bye he would get out of his chair, give me a hug, and kiss me on the cheek.


But that changed.

Once cancer took over, even standing up became too laborious for him. So I’d go to him and lean over his recliner. He’d give me a hug as best he could. I’d hug him back and kiss his forehead.

“I love you, Daddy.”

He’d always say back, “I love you, too, Sweetheart.”

Not so with Father God.

Sometimes I resent that I can’t touch him with my hands. I can’t hear him with my ears. I can’t see him with my eyes.

Sometimes I even dare to pout, “Unfair.”

  • I want to feel Jesus’s cheek with the back of my fingers.
  • I want to crumple to my knees and my tears bathe his feet.
  • I want to grab his hand during the scary scenes of life.

But I can’t.

What was he thinking, leaving us here without his physical presence?

Thirty-three years doesn’t seem long enough. I wasn’t around then.

Back then, Jesus touched with his hands.

  • He hugged little children.
  • He handled the sick.
  • He touched blind eyes, put fingers in deaf ears, even handled mute tongues.

But not mine. Not literally. Not now, anyway.

Yet, there is this:

I live in the unshakable Kingdom in a way that those in Jesus’ time did not (Hebrews 12:28).

What I have goes even deeper than touch. Higher than sound. Wider than vision (Ephesians 3:18-19).

  • I live in the spiritual presence of the living God (Hebrews 12:22-24).
  • I am covered with the spiritual blood of the spotless Lamb.
  • I am filled with the Holiest of Spirit there ever could be.

Do I still want to give God a hug? Yes.

But until I can, I’ll do this instead:

  • I’ll hug him with my songs.
  • I’ll hug him with prayers.
  • I’ll hug him through giving thanks.

And I’ll hug other people. People I love. People who love me. And people who just need a hug.

Is that enough?
Yes, more than enough.


* * *

When have you felt God’s hug? How do you express your love to him? Let’s talk in the comments.

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31 thoughts on “How do you hug God?

  1. blankBill (cycelguy)

    Virtual hug coming. 🙂 I am a hugger also Lisa. Sometimes I wonder if I should or not…whether I will embarrass the person or myself…but then I say, “Oh well. Least they can’t say no one gave them a hug somewhere along the line.” 🙂

    1. blankLisaNotes Post author

      Thanks for the virtual hug, Bill. 🙂 Back to you. I do have a few friends who have openly stated they don’t like hugs, so I try to remember that! ha. But otherwise, I err on the side that most people don’t mind an appropriate hug.

    1. blankLisaNotes Post author

      I would try to remember and respect that if we met in real life, Valerie. 🙂 Hugging is not everybody’s cup of tea, and nothing wrong with that. I like when I know that about somebody up front (although, usually most of us can figure it out with enough time, ha).

  2. blankAlecia Simersky

    I like to close my eyes and imagine Him holding my hand or giving me a hug. I wonder what it will be like to one day look into his eyes. When I give thanks I like to think this is giving Jesus a hug.

  3. blankCeli

    I am most definitely a hugger as well. I feel Him hug me when I have an “ah-ha” moment because God reveals Himself to me and I’m overwhelmed with a wave of emotion.

    1. blankLisaNotes Post author

      Yes, I love those moments too, Celi! I’m glad God gives us special moments like those periodically to remind he IS always with us in reality, not just in our imagination.

  4. blankTiffany

    I love hugs, Lisa – especially the long lingering ones when you can just breathe the other person in deep. I’d LOVE to hug Jesus like that and like you, I sometimes long for that tangible touch from Him. It would be great if I could just have Him hug away all the hurt. I think sharing His love with others and being around other genuine believers that can offer us that tangible love is His way of hugging us too – helping us know that He is near. Thank you for your thoughtful words – blessed to be stopping by from #tellhisstory.

    1. blankLisaNotes Post author

      I’m guessing people love for you to give them hugs, Tiffany. 🙂 It is a blessing that we do have each other to be the hands of Jesus with. Thanks for sharing your heart here.

  5. blankfloyd

    Wonderful post, Lisa. We were so blessed to have dad’s that honored our Father. In this fallen world we can’t touch, but it’s good to strive for His heart.

    Those are great pictures of you and your family… That picture of you and your dad is to good for words. Bless you, sister.

    1. blankLisaNotes Post author

      We definitely were blessed, Floyd. I know not everyone has good memories of their earthly fathers, and it can taint their image of our Heavenly Father. My heart goes out to those who have to work through that.

      Some of those pictures are very old. 😉 The one with me and my dad at the top was circa 1982. ha.

  6. blankBarbara H.

    I’m afraid I am not a hugger except for family. I’ve had a couple of friends who were major huggers and I could partake knowing that that’s how they showed love, and even though it wasn’t my favorite thing to do, I loved them for it.

    And it’s funny that it is completely different with Timothy – I just love the touch of his baby hands or feeling his head on my chest.

    You know, I don’t think that not being able to touch Jesus physically is something I have ever lamented. Maybe because I am not that tactile. I’ve wished I could see Him. But I do feel enveloped in His love.

    1. blankLisaNotes Post author

      I hope your friends have respected your feelings once they realize you’re not a hugger. It’s good for us huggers to be aware that we can make people feel uncomfortable–which defeats the whole purpose of hugging, right? 🙂

      There’s just something different about babies! Even though I wouldn’t want another infant full-time, I do love to hold them and just stare at them. Glad they don’t mind that we do stare at them so much. ha.

  7. blankIfeoma Samuel

    Lovely thoughts! It has never crossed my mind. I like the suggestions. I think We can hug God through our love for Him. Your family photos are NICE.
    Thanks for sharing on Coffee for your heart.
    Many blessings

  8. blankJean Wise

    What a neat post! Yes I have felt God’s hugs often surprising me too. I love how you hug God with your prayers and music too. Words like this post sends a hug to him and to all of us reading this too. Have a delightful weekend, Lisa!

  9. blankLaura Thomas

    I kinda morph with the hugging… more than happy to oblige when someone goes in for a hug, but don’t often initiate, unless it’s with my nearest and dearest! I love that sometimes all a person needs is a good hug— no words required. Actions really do speak louder than words, and I need to have my “hug antenna” up and ready to make the move when needed. God’s hug to me is when I feel that warm, comforting peace that envelops and makes me feel like His little girl 🙂 So glad you are a hugger, Lisa! (Stopping by from Holley’s place.)

    1. blankLisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, Laura. I love what you say about keeping your “hug antenna” up. 🙂 It is amazing that when we don’t even have words, we can just use our arms to send a sweet message of love. I’m thankful God gives us many different ways to communicate!

  10. blankJoseph Whitelaw

    I sympathize with you brother. I know I need help but there is no one out there that doesn’t charge money for Gods healing.

  11. blankC Johnson

    I feel gods hugs when I’m really sad and low and I feel like his right there next to me it feels like a hug from with in me and goosebumps flutter over my skin it last for couple seconds then I say thank u some times I get it twice all at once hard to explain but I think well most sure the reason I get them is because I ask him and he knows you and when u ask he gives u in away which u needed it and your always for filled if god came to me I would most likely pass out 🙈 I love him that much so I think the hugs do me just fine without passing out 😃he is every thing to me and I thank him so much for looking after me when my son died (THANK YOU) it was like I was his baby and he wrap me in his beauty love and peace I love you always my beautiful creator and to all on this page may The Lord bless and protect u guide and love you an in your hour of darkness may his love be your light selah amen thank u lisa your pics are lovely your family are beautiful

    1. blankLisaNotes Post author

      Thanks for sharing here your love for the Lord. It comes through your words. I’m sorry about the loss of your son. 🙁 May you be blessed this weekend!

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